Who Makes Baccarat Cigars? (POPULAR Smokes)

The “entry-point” cigar of choice for any beginner smoker is the Baccarat.

Baccarat cigars are a luxurious smoking experience and are made with the finest tobacco.

Their flavor is unmatched.

But, who makes Baccarat cigars? Where do they come from? In this blog post, we’ll answer those questions and more!

The Origin of Baccarat Cigars

Baccarat cigars first debuted in 1978 by Carl Upmann. Upmann's name has since become synonymous with Baccarat.
Baccarat cigars first debuted in 1978 by Carl Upmann. Upmann’s name has since become synonymous with Baccarat.

Who makes Baccarat cigars? The Baccarat name has been around for a while.

As early as the 1800s, this sweet-capped stogie was one of the most popular cigars. At that time, the majority of Cuban cigar brands had sweet-tipped caps. 

Carl Upmann first debuted the present brand of Baccarat cigars in 1978. Carl Upmann was the brand’s initial name before becoming Baccarat.

He brought back the Baccarat brand in 1989 after Julie Eiroa took control of Fumas Tobacco.

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Who Makes Baccarat Cigars?

Baccarat cigars come from a renowned plant in Danli, Honduras. The tobacco is also from Honduras and carries a strong flavor.
Baccarat cigars come from a renowned plant in Danli, Honduras. The tobacco is also from Honduras and carries a strong flavor.

The renowned Rancho Jamastran Plant in Danli, Honduras, produces Baccarat cigars by hand.

They contain Mexican binders and lengthy fillers of Honduran tobacco with Havana seed.

Baccarat cigars are made with tobacco from Honduras, which has a strong flavor but is also fairly mild, making them enjoyable for beginner smokers

Each puff of a Baccarat cigar is naturally enhanced by the sweetened tip’s lip-smacking sweetness.

These everyday favorites, which range from the smaller Baccarat luchadores to the sweeter and more fulfilling Baccarat cigarillos, continue to be among the company’s top sellers year after year.

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Favorites for Novices and Experts

These types of cigars, with their sweet-tipped ends, have a mellow flavor and a toasty scent that make them a favorite among novice and expert smokers alike. 

We recommend trying Baccarat cigars with a Maduro wrapper if you like darker-wrapped smokes, but still want that smooth body

The short video below gives an overall review of Baccarat cigars:

The robust flavor profile of Baccarat Maduro cigars is complemented by the cigars’ black Honduran wrapper, which also adds hints of sweet leather, cocoa, and just a hint of pepper.

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The Baccarat Brand

The Baccarat brand contains Mexican binders and lengthy fillers of Honduran tobacco with Havana seed.

Three subsidiary brands are part of the Baccarat brand:

  • The Game
  • Cigarillos
  • Sumatra 1997

Belicoso, Churchill, Double Corona, Panatela/Lancero, Gordo, Petite Corona, Presidente, and Robusto are some of the different sizes of cigars available in these types of cigars.

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The Wrappers 

Baccarat cigars have both Maduro and Connecticut shade wrappers.

The Baccarat cigars strength is normally mild to medium, so the Connecticut shade wrapper complements the medium strength beautifully due to its light flavor.

However, the Maduro wrapper is used on select Baccarat cigars.

If you like a richer cigar, with medium to full flavor and sweet undertones, Maduro is preferred.

While maintaining the sweet notes that make the Baccarat cigar distinctive, the Maduro wrapper offers the standard Baccarat cigar more oomph in its flavor.

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How Baccarat Cigars Burn

There is quite a bit involved in the burn of a Baccarat cigar. From the pre-light to the last third, it's a luxurious experience.
There is quite a bit involved in the burn of a Baccarat cigar. From the pre-light to the last third, it’s a luxurious experience.

The Pre-light

Baccarat cigars have no soft patches or bulges and are only slightly spongy.

The seals are scarcely discernible and the wrapper has some veining. 

When burned, they have a chilly draw and a sweet leathery pepper aroma with hints of chocolaty espresso and dry tobacco.

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Initial Third

On the initial draw, a lot of thick smoke with a toasty scent is produced, and every pull has a special sweetness about it.

Some cigar aficianados say that the wrapper of Baccarat cigars has been combined with sweetness

We’re not so sure about that, but the sweetness in the cap definitely comes through in the smoke

The wrapper feels a touch oily, and the sweetness tends to make your mouth moist, preventing the dry mouth that is a common side effect of most stogies

Peppery flavors linger on the tongue in the aftertaste. The flavor endures until the next pull, and the strength is light to medium.

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The flavor is still present, and the intensity is still low to medium. Raw coffee is combined with hints of caramel

With enough smoke, the burn remains incredibly sharp. There isn’t any kayaking or ember peaking. Up to half an inch can be held in the ash.

The cigar here burns quickly though. If you smoke in moderation, you will get at most 30 to 45 minutes. 

The cigar doesn’t grow bitter or scorching as the sweet flavors fade, but stays flavorful and enjoyable.

The zest becomes more leathery and flowery toward the conclusion of the second third.

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Last Third

The flavor profile hasn’t changed all that much.

The flavor, potency, and zing, however, remain the same. The consistency of this cigar is perfect for the stub. 

The burn and the structure continue to be stable. The stub tends to warm up slightly, but nothing too noticable. 

The ash is still a nice, flake-free silver gray. Overall, it’s worthwhile to set aside time to savor this 45-minute cigar.

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Pros of Baccarat Cigars

Run to the closest tobacco shop and buy yourself a Baccarat cigar if you’ve never tried one.

Anytime Cigar

Every cigar enthusiast desires a superb daily cigar.

The Baccarat cigars are the ideal anytime cigar due to their mild to medium strength, simple pleasant flavor, and scent.

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You’ll be surprised by how consistent the flavor is when you smoke a Baccarat cigar. 

You will be transported back to your first cigar, whether you smoke this one after a month or a year.

The strong flavor, great structure, and consistent strength define this product.

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The Tasty Cap

You don’t want to overlook the distinctive sweet-cap fitting with Baccarat cigars. 

Even though we make an effort to communicate the sensation of its distinctive flavor, only trying it will do.

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