How Are Cigars MEASURED? – Shape, Size, & Color

When it comes to cigars, there are a lot of different factors that go into making the perfect smoke.

So how are cigars measured?

This blog post will teach you ways to determine how are cigars measured, including learning about the different shapes, sizes, and colors of cigars!

How Are Cigars Measured?

Cigars are classified by three measurements: shape, size, and color. The most important factor is the shape.
Cigars are classified by three measurements: shape, size, and color. The most important factor is the shape.

There are many different types of cigars, but they’re all generally classified by three distinct measurements: shape, size, and color.

The most important factor in a cigar’s measurement is its shape, which is determined by the cigar’s width and length. 

Cigar sizes are measured by two factors:

  • Length – which is provided in inches
  • Ring gauge – which is a classification of a cigar’s diameter split down into 64ths of an inch.

For example, a cigar with a ring gauge of 42 is 42/64 of an inch in diameter.

An 8-inch cigar rolled with light tobaccos will be mellow, but a thin, short cigar rolled with robust tobaccos will be full-bodied.

While the tobacco used to roll a cigar determines its intensity, thin cigars burn hotter than thicker ones.

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Popular Cigar Sizes

The Gran Corona is a popular, larger cigar. It is the "Presidente" of the cigar family.
The Gran Corona is a popular, larger cigar. It is the “Presidente” of the cigar family.

From smallest to largest, these are the most common cigars found on the market:

Gordito (4.5×60) 

The Gordito is one of the newer sizes on the market, and it’s gaining popularity due to its inexpensive price. This short and fat cigar is ideal for a rapid and smokier experience.

Robusto (5×50) 

The Robusto, another newcomer to the cigar size landscape, has quickly dominated the U.S. market and has become the standard size.

Because of its greater length and larger ring size, this cigar produces richer smoke (similar to the Corona).

Gordo (6×60)

The word “Gordo” is Spanish for “fat,” and it’s commonly used to indicate a cigar with a ring size of more than 60.

The Gordo is a bigger, smokier cousin of the Gordito, and provides a longer, more enjoyable experience.

Petit Corona  (4.5×42)

The Petit Corona, sometimes known as the “Half Corona,” is the market’s smallest hand rolled cigars. If you’re looking for a fast smoke, this pint-sized cigar is ideal.

Toro (6×50)

What Are Toro Cigars?

The Toro, also known as “Corona Gorda,” is similar to the Robusto, but has a longer burn period.

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Corona Double (7.5×50)

The full-bodied Double Corona burns for hours, has a pleasant aroma, and the flavor notes unfold, much like the Churchill.

Gran Corona (9.25×47) 

The Gran Corona, which is the “Presidente” of the cigar family, is large in size, length, and girth and will take you hours to appreciate.

This cigar has a comparable smoking experience to the Double Corona.

Lonsdale (6.5×42)

The Lonsdale, sometimes known as the “Cervante,” has witnessed a drop in popularity.

However, it’s still created by Cuban cigar makers for individuals who prefer smoking Lonsdales.

Churchill (7×48)

The Julieta No. 2 was nicknamed Churchill after Winston Churchill, one of the world’s most famous cigar enthusiasts.

These cigars endure a long time and evolve in flavor and complexity as they smoke.

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Lancero (7.5×38)

Because of their resemblance to Churchill, the Lanceros are sophisticated cigars that are becoming increasingly popular (complexity notes).

Panetela (6×44)

Unlike the Gordo, the aristocrats like a cigar that is slender, long, and exquisite.

Even though the Panetela has fallen out of favor in recent years, Cuban cigar producers continue to make it.

Corona (5.25×42) 

The Corona is the industry’s gold standard, producing less smoke but burning hotter than the popular Robusto. Surprisingly, the ring size ranges from 42-46/64th.

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The Maduro Colorado is a popular cigar for beginners. It has a dark brown color and full flavor.
The Maduro Colorado is a popular cigar for beginners. It has a dark brown color and full flavor.

Different types of cigar wrappers come in various colors, ranging from mild greens and yellows to dark black.

The rainbow has seven primary colors, and wrappers have seven basic color distinctions, with an infinite number of shades between each hue.

To begin comprehending the color designations, remember that the color “colorado” is in the center of the color range, much as the state of Colorado is in the middle of the United States.

Double Claro

This wrapper is bright green, the result of a quick-drying technique that locks in the green chlorophyll of the tobacco.

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A pale tan tint is obtained typically by growing in the shade under cheesecloth tents, plucking the plants early, and air-drying the leaves.

These wrappers have a little flavor to offer so that the filler tobaccos dominate the taste of the cigar.

Colorado Claro

Light reddish-brown; frequently grown in direct sunshine and allowed more time to mature before plucking.

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The color scale’s center. These cigars are medium-brown to brownish-red in color and full-flavored, yet their aroma is mild and delicate.

These wrappers are frequently cultivated in the shade.

Maduro Colorado

The Manduro Colorado is a dark brown color and has a full flavor.

If you are new to Maduro Colorado cigars, the video below gives a great overview of the best ones for beginners:

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This black-as-night wrapper hue is obtained by fermenting the leaves for an extended period of time, using only leaves from the top of the plant.


What is a Maduro Cigar Wrapper? A cigar with a Maduro wrapper has a distinct flavor: it has a light aroma, but a powerful, almost sweet flavor.

How Do You Feel?

Aside from intensity and flavor, many cigar enthusiasts favor different ring gauges due to how comfortable a cigar feels in the mouth and in the hand.

If you smoke a Corona, you’ll feel like you’re clutching a toothpick.

If you like Coronas and smoke a 60-ring gauge cigar, it will feel like sucking on a tailpipe. Everything comes down to personal taste.

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