How To Smoke A Black And Mild – Best Ways

If you’ve ever wanted to try a black and mild or if you just want to know the best ways to smoke one then you’re in luck.

We’ll walk you through each step of the process, from choosing the right cigar to enjoying the flavor.

So sit back, relax, and let us show you how to smoke a black and mild cigar!

What Is A Black And Mild Cigar?

A smoked cigar sitting inside of a glass ashtray
Black and Milds are very common and they can be found everywhere including gas stations. They’re easy to smoke and flavorful.

Black and Mild cigars are a type of tobacco product that is popular among many smokers.

The name “Black and Mild” comes from the fact that these cigars are made with a dark tobacco leaf wrapped around a milder tobacco blend.

This results in a cigar that has a smooth, slightly sweet flavor with low levels of nicotine.

Black and Milds are sold in both plastic tubes and foil pouches and are typically smoked without a filter.

Because they are very accessible and relatively inexpensive, Black and Milds have become one of the most popular brands of cigars in the United States.

Health Concerns

Despite their popularity, however, there is some concern about the health effects of smoking Black and Milds.

The FDA has classified them as Category II tobacco products, which means that they pose a moderate risk to smokers.

Additionally, some studies have suggested that smoking Black and Milds may increase the risk of developing certain types of cancer.

As a result, smokers need to be aware of the potential risks before deciding to smoke Black and Milds.

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Here’s a video giving some great tips for cigar smoking:

How To Smoke A Black And Mild Cigar

Someone lighting a cigar using a match
It’s not difficult at all to smoke a Black and Mild cigar since they’re smoked just like any other cigar.

Black and Milds are commonly smoked by many people. They’re meant to be accessible and easy to smoke even by new cigar smokers.

Let’s look into how to smoke a Black and Mild.

  1. Cut the tip off the cigar if it’s not already cut. Usually, for Black and Milds, they are already cut and open for convenience.
  2. Light the cigar using a lighter, match, or another heat source, and turn the cigar around in a circle to evenly light it.
  3. Place your mouth at the open unlit end and begin to pull. You don’t want to inhale the smoke into your lungs, but rather hold it in your mouth.
  4. Then blow the smoke out of your mouth and/or nose.

Black and Milds are smoked for the flavor so knowing how to smoke them includes knowing how to inhale them properly.

Overall, you can enjoy a Black and Mild in just 4 easy steps!

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Person holding a cigar with a longer ash
Black and Milds are a great leisurely smoke to partake in that are affordable, casual, and accessible.

Q. What happens if you inhale Black and Mild?

A. If you inhale a Black and Mild into your lungs you might cough and you may end up feeling sick.

Cigars have a lot of nicotine in them which can be very strong to inhale like you would a cigarette.

Q. Can you get a buzz from a Black and mild?

A. You can get a buzz from a Black and Mild if you inhale it into your lungs, but cigars aren’t meant to be smoked for a buzz. Cigars are smoked for their flavor of them.

Q. Are Black and milds worse than cigarettes?

A. Black and Milds do have more nicotine in them than cigarettes, but they aren’t supposed to be inhaled.


Ultimately smoking a Black and Mild cigar is no different than any other cigar. You can smoke a cigar in just four steps that are very easy to follow and get you the best draw for the best flavor.

Next time you smoke a Black and Mild be sure to refer back here for tips! Thanks for reading and we hope this blog post was helpful!

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