The 16 Best Wine Racks for Horizontal Bottle Storage


If you’re new to wine collecting, you’ll soon become aware of the need to store your bottles correctly.

The temperature should be controlled and consistent, with both red wines and white wines requiring slightly different temperatures for drinking, but for long-term storage, store both wines at 50F.

You’ll also need to ensure that no harsh light penetrates your wine bottles.

Your kitchen refrigerator does not make a serviceable wine storage solution. The temperature and humidity are not designed for wine, and there’s too much light and vibration, too. Throw in the problems when you store wine vertically, and you need an alternative to a kitchen fridge.

If you’re not interested in investing in a wine cooler, the best wine racks are the obvious solution.

While you may initially imagine buying a rack is one of the simplest possible decisions, you might be surprised at the number of things you need to consider when comparing the best racks.

Focus on these pointers, though, and you can’t go wrong.

  • Type of rack: By far the most common style is the freestanding wine rack. You can leave this on the floor or pop it on the countertop. Stacking or modular racks optimize storage capacity and minimize the amount of space you need
  • Material: You need to look for wine racks that are solidly constructed and offer a stable storage solution for your bottles. Steel or natural wood make the best options. While they are both equally strong choices, wood may require more maintenance over time
  • Ease of access: Open-concept wine racks allow you to more easily access your wine bottles. Think about whether you’re looking to store your wine long-term or to regularly drink it. Make sure you choose a rack with appropriate access for your needs
  • Capacity: Capacity is crucial when you’re comparing wine racks. Think not only about your wine collection as it is today, but also how you plan it developing over time. Make sure you don’t sell yourself short here
  • Rack design: Make sure the racks are set sideways and slightly tilted
  • Stability: Ensure that all the wine racks on your shortlist are stable when installed
  • Installation: Not all wine racks are easy to install. We understand that not everyone has access to tools, and not everyone is equipped to tackle DIY. We draw your attention to the ease of installation or otherwise with all the wine racks on our shortlist
  • Extras storage: If you want to store accessories or glassware, you can find plenty of wine racks that make this possible. We review several of these right below

And thinking of reviews, it’s time to launch right in now with our curated collection of all the best wine racks at a variety of price points, styles, and capacities.

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The 16 Best Wine Racks

1. Our #1 Pick: Mango Steam Wine Rack



  • Floorstanding
  • 32 bottles
  • 21 x 9 x 27 inches

Mango Steam has a deep bench of storage solutions combining practicality, elegance, and affordability in one attractive package. Not only is this rack very reasonably priced, but if you act quickly, you’ll benefit from an aggressive discount.

The steel rack is a floorstanding unit that won’t eat up too much interior real estate despite the generous capacity. Slide in up to 32 bottles of your favorite vino and keep it stored horizontally as it should be.

All wine racks need to provide a strong and stable home for your bottles. This rack comes with floor levelers, allowing you to make sure everything is wobble-free before you start loading it up with your precious wine collection.

The tempered glass top is the perfect spot for a corkscrew, glass, or opened bottle of wine.

The exterior of the rack is smoothly finished with no visible screws to mar the clean lines.

If you don’t like the idea of a wine cooler and you’re looking for robust storage for a small collection of wine, this rack is a smart alternative.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Tempered glass top
  • Floor levelers
  • Manufacturing could be improved

2. Sorbus Wall-Mounted Wine Rack



  • Wall-mounted
  • 6 bottles
  • 6 x 2.6 x 2.1 inches

Sorbus is a dominant force in this vertical, and once you try their storage and shelving solutions, you’ll discover why.

This is a dual-purpose wine and towel rack that makes a wise bet for any home where space is at a premium.

Now, this is a much smaller rack that will only accommodate a half-dozen bottles. If you only drink the occasional well-selected bottle and you don’t need a large built-in wine cooler, this dinky rack is a good workaround.

The rack is wall-mounted so you’ll keep all those wine bottles or towels out of the way, perfect in an apartment or anywhere else with limited interior real estate.

If you need more storage, the modular design of this rack lets you easily build in some more.

Although it’s intended for either wine bottles or towels, we found some negative reviews from users reporting about issues with towel storage. When it comes to wine storage, testimony is positive.

As an added kicker, the installation shouldn’t be too taxing either as long as you have some rudimentary DIY skills.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Unbeatable brand heritage
  • Space-saving solution
  • Modular set-up
  • Not so effective with towels

3. Sorbus Stackable Wine Rack



  • Freestanding stackable
  • 12 bottles
  • 16 x 6.6 x 11.75 inches

Another entry from the mighty Sorbus next with this freestanding and stackable rack suitable for holding up to 12 bottles of red or white wine.

You’ll get no bells or whistles here with this no-nonsense piece of kit. In return, you won’t need to dig too deep for the privilege making this a great choice for bargain hunters.

The freestanding nature of this rack gives you huge scope with placement. You can pop this just about anywhere without encroaching on the room. It’s small and compact in spite of the 12-bottle capacity.

For anyone looking to house a larger wine collection, there’s no substitute for a wine cooler or wine fridge. If you want to keep a handful of bottles at the ready, though, this rack is a great add-on. It also makes sense if you’re new to wine collecting and not sure how your hobby will develop. As a starter rack, this is perfect.

Assembly is pretty simple and you won’t need any tools either.

For a stable, durable, and pocket-friendly wine rack from a brand you can rely on, Sorbus hits another homer.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Triple-tiered rack
  • Detachable and stackable
  • Stable rock with no wobbling
  • Some issues with dimensions

4. Decomil Stackable Wine Rack



  • Modular stackable
  • 72 bottles
  • 41 x 10 x 33.5 inches

Next in our curated list of the best wine racks comes another stackable and modular solution, this time from Decomil.

The line included a wide variety of shapes and sizes suitable for a range of different wine collections. This version has enough space on the bamboo shelves for up to 72 bottles of vino.

The bamboo is free of knots. The notched and slotted shelving provides a strong and stable home for your wine collection. You could, of course, use this rack for storing other bottled beverages, too.

Unlike many wine racks, you won’t need to be a DIY expert to put this unit together. All hardware comes in the package, and you won’t need any tools to get started.

Unlike many wine rack manufacturers, Decomil put their money where their mouth is and warranty this rack for 1 year allowing you to buy with total confidence.

For generous storage capacity in a fairly compact wine rack, this bamboo beauty is worth exploring.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Notched bamboo shelves
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Not good for bigger bottles

5. DisplayGifts Store Wine Rack



  • Freestanding stackable
  • 36 bottles
  • 75 x 11 x 30.25 inches

DisplayGifts Store delivers a highly effective series of wine storage solutions in a number of sizes and configurations. This freestanding stackable rack is a superb example.

The 6 rows of 6 shelves make a snug home for up to 36 regular 750ml bottles of wine. This gives you similar capacity to many wine coolers without requiring anywhere near the space to accommodate. If this sizing doesn’t sound like a good fit, there are many other racks in the range to suit.

The thick pine used gives you exceptional stability in the shelving and no headaches about an expensive bottle of vintage crashing to the floor and the bottle smashing.

The manufacturer notes that Merlot and Cabernet bottles will fit in all spots. When you’re placing Pinot Noir or other larger bottles in the rack, though, you won’t be able to achieve full capacity.

For snug and secure accommodation for a growing wine collection, check out this pine gem from the DisplayGifts Store.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Natural pine finish
  • Assembly in minutes
  • For all standard wine bottles
  • Plain-looking rack

6. O&K Furniture Industrial Wine Rack Table



  • Floorstanding
  • 16 bottles
  • 4 x 15.7 x 34 inches

Next in our quest for the best wine racks is a floorstanding solution from O&K Furniture that deserves a mention.

Anyone who wants their wine collection on open display in a living area will appreciate this unit that’s made over to wine storage while also allowing you to stash ornaments, accessories, and glasses onboard.

Measuring 40 inches across, this is a wide unit so make sure you have space for it.

The build is solid considering it’s not real wood, but manufactured MDF boards. It’s treated to look like a striking modern piece of furniture rather than a tediously functional wine rack.

The MDF is complemented by some robust metal struts and racks to keep all your wine protected and securely stored.

You get all the hardware you need for assembly thrown in.

While the vast bulk of user feedback concerning this model is positive, we came across a few gripes about the quality of the laminate tabletop. Overall, though, you’re getting great value here and a tabletop wine rack that gives you great flexibility.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Open storage solution
  • Tabletop and shelving
  • MDF and metal
  • Laminate top is a let-down

7. JK Adams Wine Rack



  • Floorstanding
  • 40 bottles
  • 16 x 11.5 x 7.25 inches

If you have a growing wine collection you’d like stored correctly, you need to decide whether to opt for a wine rack or a cooler. If you don’t have the space or the inclination to chill your wine, this rack has the capacity for up to 40 bottles.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly wine storage solution that’s also easy on the eye, you’ll appreciate the sustainable ash wood and driftwood this rack is made from.

You’ll get plenty of freedom when you’re assembling this rack. The modular build can be configured in a variety of ways to suit your storage needs. Crisp and clear instructions make this simple and you won’t need hardcore DIY skills to put this unit together.

Easy to use, the rack is just as forgiving when it comes to maintenance. Just wipe the shelves down with a damp cloth and that’s all that’s required.

For anyone still unsure whether to invest in this wine rack, there’s a no-quibbles satisfaction guarantee in place. If you’re unhappy with the rack or it lets you down in any way, just call in for a no-questions refund. You can’t really ask for more than that.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Ash wood and driftwood
  • Easy to care for
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Inconsistent build

8. GHH Store Industrial Wine Rack



  • Wall-mounted
  • 6 bottles and 6 glasses
  • 17 x 9.53 x 5.04 inches

This industrial-styled wine rack from the GHH Store complements both traditional and more modern design schemes.

A wall-mounted rack, this comes in handy if you’re constrained for space in the kitchen and you don’t want to put all of your wine into a standalone wine cooler.

The rack couldn’t be easier to put together, and you get all the hardware you need included, as well as clear instructions.

Made from reclaimed wood with a lacquer finish and iron, you’ll get a wine rack that will give you years of faithful service.

You can store a half-dozen bottles of your favorite vino so it’s always close at hand, and you’ll also have space for a handful of glasses and your corkscrew.

While the majority of user reviews of this rack are positive, we found some isolated complaints about the low quality of the welding, so do your due diligence here.

Although the rack is easy to assemble, the weight and bulk means it’s not a one-person job. Make sure you have someone to give you a helping hand before you start trying to mount this wine rack on the wall.

The wine glass holders are welded onto the bottom of this rack, so you won’t be able to remove these easily.

Overall, you’re getting a great space-saving wine rack that will complement your wine cooler and allow you to keep a few bottles ready to serve.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Distressed finish
  • Super-simple to assemble
  • Holds glasses and bottles
  • Welding could be stronger

9. Soduku Wine Rack



  • Wall-mounted
  • 5 bottles and 4 glasses
  • 17 x 4.8 x 7.3 inches

For committed wine lovers who want everyone to know it, this striking rack from Soduku consists of WINE in a large letters, and giving you space for up to 5 bottles of wine, along with 4 glasses for serving.

The rack is intended for long-stemmed wine glasses, and you’ll also have space for some corks. 3 of these wine stoppers come included, so you can kiss goodbye to wasting any more wine, and you won’t need to force the original cork back into the bottle either.

Assembling this metal rack is simple, and you should find it easy enough to get up and running without any special DIY skills.

Aside from some gripes about quality control, most user reviews of this wine rack are overwhelmingly positive, so you can buy with complete confidence, as long as you check the contents of your delivery closely.

If you can resist the temptation to keep the rack yourself, it would make a great gift idea for any wine lover in your life, so keep it in mind for Christmas this year!

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Space-saving wall-mounted rack
  • Set of wine stoppers bundled
  • Straightforward installation
  • Some quality control issues

10. Mkono Wall-Mounted Wine Shelves



  • Wall-mounted
  • 8 bottles and 6 glasses
  • 68 x 7.4 x 4.13 inches

Another wall-mounted wine rack up next, this time from Mkono.

Here at Barnacle Bar, we like to save you both time and money, so we’ll lead off with the flaw in this wine rack: the instructions. If you struggle with practical tasks, you may find the instructions leave you completely confused. Unless you’re confident with DIY, we would suggest exploring some of the other racks on our list.

The storage space at your disposal gives you room for up to 8 wine bottles, and you’ll also have space for 6 glasses, as well as any wine accessories or ornaments you have in mind. While the instructions are woeful, the rack scores highly in terms of versatility.

If you’re storing wine long-term, you should always consider relocating it to a wine cooler, but for everyday drinking, racks like this allow you to keep a handful of bottles at the ready.

Brown reclaimed wood is contrasted with steel finished in a commanding black, giving you a rack that somehow looks modernist and traditional at the same time. The wood is finished with an elaborate baking that serves to age and distress it.

We would suggest you avoid giving this particular rack as a gift due to the misleading instructions, but that means you can keep it for yourself. While we cannot recommend this as the best wine rack out there, it still deserves a place on your shortlist if you’re stuck for ideas.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Multipurpose storage space
  • Easy to install
  • Retro styling
  • Instructions are poor

11. Kamenstein Butterfly Wine Rack



  • Countertop
  • 8 bottles
  • 6 x 6.75 x 11.25 inches

Kamenstein produces a neat and compact countertop wine rack perfect if you live in an apartment or you have limited space but you’re not prepared to compromise on keeping your wine collection at its best.

Unlike some of the racks on our shortlist, you can get going right out the box here. No assembly is necessary.

The rack makes a strong visual statement with its butterfly shelving. You can fit 8 bottles inside this rack making it a smart bet for small and well-chosen collections you want impressively showcased.

Easy to clean and built to last the distance, this simple rack is also very keenly priced, and it’s currently available at a steep discount. Act quickly and grab yourself a real bargain.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • No assembly required
  • Horizontal storage
  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Build quality is weak

12. Sorbus Freestanding Wine Rack



  • Floorstanding
  • 100 bottles
  • 75 x 7.75 x 39.5 inches

If you have a swelling wine collection that you want neatly organized with all bottles stored horizontally, this floorstanding unit from industry heavyweight Sorbus is a must.

This is one of the most spacious racks you can find with room for up to 100 bottles of vino. As with all capacities quoted, this reflects standard-sized 750ml bottles of Bordeaux. With larger bottles, you’ll obviously fit far fewer in. There are smaller and larger racks available if this isn’t suitable meaning you’re spoiled for choice by Sorbus.

Despite the sprawling size, you won’t need much time or trouble to put this rack together. Instructions are precise and you’ll get all the hardware you need in the package.

The sturdy metal shelves are scalloped and keep your wine bottles securely in place for however long you choose to lay them up. You’ll get 10 tiers of these shelves.

As you would expect from such a towering wine rack, this eats up quite a lot of space so make sure you have the room before committing to purchase.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Enormous capacity
  • Easy to put together
  • 10-tier shelving
  • Large footprint

13. Rustic State Wall-Mounted Wine Rack



  • Wall-mounted
  • 5 bottles
  • 2 x 11.3 x 10.25 inches

Wall-mounted wine racks are wonderful space-savers, and this nifty little example from Rustic State is an asset to any kitchen.

In the interests of accuracy, this is a great rack in terms of aesthetics, but it’s not the strongest performer when it comes to capacity. You’ll only have the space for perhaps 4 or 5 bottles on the rack, so it’s no use if you have a larger collection of bottles.

The other serious drawback concerns installation. A handful of users have outlined difficulties getting this rack in place. If you struggle with practical tasks, avoid this rack.

Not only does this rack hold your wine bottles, but it’s also designed to accommodate all your favorite glassware, too.

The walnut finish is a striking addition to your room, but only you know if you’re prepared to deal with awkward installation and the limitations in terms of capacity.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Space for bottles and glasses
  • Eye-catching design
  • Rustic walnut build
  • Not the easiest installation

14. WGX Design For You Wine Rack



  • Wheeled cart
  • 72 bottles
  • 5 x 27.5 x 16 inches

As we edge to the end of our search for the best wine racks, something slightly different.

Rather than a regular wine rack, this table with casters doubles as furniture or a serving trolley. The wheels, of course, lock into place when not in use.

Despite looking like a small table, there’s space for up to 72 bottles of wine across the 3 shelves.

This set-up is designed so you could even pop a mini fridge on top of the shelving giving you an all-purpose serving and storage solution without bankrupting yourself or taking up too much space.

The portability of this wheeled unit is also beneficial.

All that lets this storage rack down is the instructions which leave something to be desired. You might find yourself seeking guidance online when it comes to installation. This minor niggle aside, you’re getting a versatile and effective wine rack with a twist.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Exposed wine storage
  • Lockable wheels
  • Generous storage capacity
  • Instructions are poor

15. Mango Steam Wine Rack



  • Countertop
  • 6 bottles
  • 8 x 7.8 x 5.6 inches

If you have a small collection of carefully-chosen wine bottles, chances are you don’t want a large, built-in wine cooler. Instead, this small rack will keep your bottles horizontally stored and vibration-free. All you need to concern yourself with is the temperature.

You won’t need to bother about assembling this countertop unit. Just pop it on your cabinet or counter, or set it down on the floor. You can put this thing just about anywhere.

The steel shelving is robust enough to last for years, and it’s finished in matte black to soften the utilitarian appearance.

You’ll have space for just 6 bottles here, so if you have a larger or growing collection, we would suggest browsing some of the more substantial wine racks on our list.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • No assembly needed
  • All-steel build
  • Use horizontally or vertically
  • Feels slightly flimsy

16. Rebrilliant Industrial Wine Rack



  • Wall-mounted
  • 36 bottles
  • 48 x 13 x 12 inches

To round out our collection of the best wine racks out there, Rebrilliant serves up an industrial-grade wall-mounted model perfect for minimalist or traditional homes.

The wall-mounted design of this rack enables you to house 36 of your favorite bottles of wine without eating up too much space in the kitchen. This rack proves there are more storage options at your disposal than a large dual-zone wine cooler.

Made from cold-rolled steel, you’ll get the strength and stability you need to keep your precious bottles resting securely in place.

Unlike some wall-mounted wine racks, this one is especially easy to install, so you’ll be up and running in minutes. That said, you’ll need to make provision for mounting hardware as this doesn’t come bundled.

Shelves run 3 deep, and you can slot 12 bottles in each tier. This allows you to organise your collection so you can access the bottles you need quickly and easily.

For a great all-rounder ideal in cramped kitchens or apartments, this space-saving rack from Rebrilliant deserves a place on your shortlist.

Things We Like Things We Dislike
  • Space-saving rack
  • Cold-rolled steel
  • Easy to install
  • Reasonably pricey


Perhaps you arrived here at Barnacle Bar today unsure whether you wanted a wine cooler or a wine rack. Now you’ve had the opportunity of browsing all the best wine racks at a variety of price points, you should hopefully be clearer on which type of wine storage makes the best fit for you.

If you choose any of the racks above, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your money. If you come across some wine racks we didn’t review today, we hope you find our buying guide comes in handy when you’re shopping.

We’re a new site, but we’re committed to bringing you all the best content to help you navigate the accessories you need for your wine collection, from aerators and corkscrews through to dual-zone wine coolers. Take a moment to bookmark Barnacle before you head off and be sure to come back soon!

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