The 16 Best Built-in Wine Coolers

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You should consider buying a dedicated wine fridge so you can keep your investment properly stored for both short-term and long-term consumption.

If you’ve just started getting interested in wine, you’ll need to store your wine so it stays at its best.

Popping a bottle of wine in the fridge outside of an emergency is really not wise. Kitchen fridges don’t have the right temperature range or humidity levels for storing wine properly. Beyond this, it’s not good to store wine bottles upright either. This will cause the cork to dry out as the liquid won’t be in contact with it.

Instead, you should consider buying a dedicated wine fridge so you can keep your investment properly stored for both short-term and long-term consumption.

There are 3 main types of wine cooler commonly available:

  • Built-in cooler: These coolers slot under the counter and you can built them into existing kitchen cabinetry. They typically feature vents so the unit won’t overheat
  • Freestanding cooler: These wine coolers can be installed just about anywhere
  • Countertop cooler: Countertop coolers are usually very small and not ideal for more than a few bottles of vino

Today, we’ll be focusing purely on finding the best built-in wine coolers. We’re working on a separate guide for freestanding fridges so come back soon if that seems more suitable.

If you’ve never considered investing in a built-in wine cooler before, you may have no idea what you should look out for. Before our reviews, then, we’ll outline what to look for on the buying trail.

  • Number of cooling zones: If you drink exclusively red or white wines, you can get away with a single-zone cooler. If you collect mixed wines, you’ll know red and white wines should be stored at different temperatures. A dual-zone cooler gives you independently-controlled zones so you can keep both types of wine stored the way it should be. With some upscale coolers, you get a third zone intended for sparkling wines and champagnes
  • Compressor or thermoelectric cooling: For a quiet and efficient wine cooler, look for one with compressor-based cooling. You can thank us later
  • Capacity: Think about how many bottles of wine you need to store right now. You should also think about how you see your collection developing over time. When manufacturers state capacities for wine coolers, they tend to be ambitious. If you’re in any doubt when you’re comparing capacities, choose the larger one, assuming you have the space in the kitchen
  • Temperature memory function: If you frequently experience power outages, look for wine coolers that reset to the current temperature settings
  • Lockable door: Keep kids and teens out and your wine safe on coolers with a lockable door
  • Tempered glass: This keeps the UV rays that can damage your wine out

OK, with those basics in place – you can also watch out for extras like LED lights and smart controls – you should now be ready to explore the best built-in wine coolers on the market. We’ll get right down to business now with our reviews, so dig in!

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Kalamera-45-Bottle-24-Built-in-or-Freestanding-wine-coolerrefrigerator Best Overall: Kalamera 45 Bottle 24” Built-In Or Freestanding Wine Cooler/Refrigerator It has two independently-controlled temperature zones allowing you to keep both types of wine at their best. This unit is designed to be left freestanding or built into your existing kitchen cabinets. Check Price
Aobosi-24-Inch-Built-in-Wine-Cooler-46-Bottle-Freestanding-and-Built-in-Wine-Refrigerator Runner Up: Aobosi 24 Inch Built In Wine Cooler 46 Bottle Freestanding And Built In Wine Refrigerator Can store up to 46 bottles of mixed wine in freestanding or built-in configuration. Check Price
Kalamera-12-Wine-Cooler-18-Bottle-Built-in-or-Freestanding 3rd Ranked: Kalamera 12” Wine Cooler 18 Bottle Built-In Or Freestanding This wine cooler has capacity for up to 18 bottles of wine. Temperature memory will reset the temperature in the event of a power outage. Check Price
Phiestina-15-Inch-Wine-Cooler-Refrigerator-29-Bottle-Built-in 4th Ranked: Phiestina 15 Inch Wine Cooler Refrigerator – 29 Bottle Built-In This wine cooler is built into a kitchen cabinet or freestanding. Compressor-based cooling returns excellent energy-efficiency with the very minimum of noise and vibration. Check Price
Aobosi-24-Inch-Beverage-and-Wine-Cooler-2-IN-1-Wine-Beverage-Refrigerator 5th Ranked: Aobosi 24 Inch Beverage And Wine Cooler, 2-IN-1 Wine Beverage Refrigerator Aobosi built-in wine cooler rated at just 42 decibels. Cooler holds 18 bottles of wine and 57 canned drinks. Comes with a 1-month trial and 1-year warranty from Aobosi. Check Price
Aobosi-15-inch-30-Bottle-Wine-Refrigerator-Built-in-Wine-Fridge 6th Ranked: Aobosi 15 Inch 30 Bottle Wine Refrigerator Built In Wine Fridge The Aobosi is a 15-inch wine cooler with built-in storage for up to 30 bottles of wine. Check Price

The 16 Best Built-in Wine Coolers

1. best overall: Kalamera 45 Bottle 24” Built-in or Freestanding wine cooler/refrigerator


  • 45 bottles
  • Dual-zone
  • 24-inch

What We Liked

  • Wooden shelving
  • Chill reds and whites
  • Runs very quietly

What We Didn’t Like

  • Poor quality control

Kalamera is a household name in the wine cooler vertical, so how does this built-in unit stack up?

Well, this makes a neat refrigerator if you’re looking to store both red and white wines, such as Sauternes or its substitutes. You get two independently-controlled temperature zones allowing you to keep both types of wine at their best.

In the upper zone of this unit, chill white wines between 40F and 50F. Down below, you have space for bottles of your favorite red wine. You can keep this cooled to slightly warmer temperatures of between 50F and 66F. If you’re only planning to drink one type of wine, this is not such a crucial aspect to consider. For all lovers of red and white, a dual-zone unit is a must.

You get plenty of flexibility when it comes to installation. This unit is designed to be left freestanding or built into your existing kitchen cabinets.

Inside, you’ll have space for 45 bottles of your favorite vino. This is based on standard-sized 750ml bottles of Bordeaux. If you’re looking to accommodate bulkier bottles – champagne bottles or magnums, for instance – you’ll need to adjust your expectations in terms of capacity.

The compressor-based cooling means this wine fridge runs quietly and without much vibration. Vibration can agitate the sediment in your wine bottles and impair the overall taste. A pair of interior fans take care of cooling without kicking up a racket.

Inside, blue interior LEDs keep harsh light away from your wine. You’ll be able to check out your collection without opening the door and breaching the storage environment, too.

With double-paned glass doors to keep those penetrating UV rays out and a lock to keep your collection safe and sound, you’re getting a great deal of value with this cooler and complete peace of mind, too.

Most user feedback concerning this wine cooler is overwhelmingly positive. The isolated complaints we found tend to center on quality control. We would suggest checking the contents of your package closely upon arrival. Overall, this is one of the best built-in wine coolers from a brand you can rely on.

2. runner up: Aobosi 24 Inch Built in Wine Cooler 46 Bottle Freestanding and Built in Wine Refrigerator


  • 46 bottles
  • Dual-zone
  • 24-inch

What We Liked

  • Built in or freestanding
  • Super-efficient cooling
  • Temperature memory

What We Didn’t Like

  • Weak customer support

Aobosi makes some first-class wine coolers that are keenly priced and built to last. How does this fridge stand and fall, then?

Firstly, you’ll get to choose whether you leave this cooler freestanding or build it in. The intelligently-designed front venting makes both configurations safe and easy to achieve.

This cooler measures 24 inches across, so it’s a fairly substantial unit. When you’re comparing wine coolers, it’s essential to make sure you have the space to accommodate.

In return for this bulky footprint, you’ll get the capacity to store up to 46 bottles of wine.

This manufacturer appreciates the needs of wine collectors with different bottles to store. This is a dual-zone cooler, making it the perfect appliance if you want to chill red and white wines at the different temperatures they need. Temperature bands are wide. In the upper zone, chill white wines from 41F to 54F. Down in the lower zone, 54F to 68F provides the perfect temperature range for your red wines.

If you enjoy the occasional bottle of champagne or you drink larger bottles of wine, there’s a dedicated storage area for this in the uprated iteration of this cooler.

With compressor-based cooling, you’ll benefit from efficiency without being forced to tolerate an enervating noise in return.

Blue interior LEDs are ideal for keeping your wine protected from harsh UV light. The thick tempered glass door further protects the storage environment from damaging rays.

While Aobosi excels in terms of the product, they could lift their game when it comes to customer care. A few customers complain about unresponsive agents failing to solve their problem.

Overall, you’re getting an affordable and versatile wine cooler ideal for up to 46 bottles of mixed wine.

3. 3rd ranked: Kalamera 12” Wine Cooler 18 Bottle Built-in or Freestanding


  • 18 bottles
  • Single-zone
  • 12-inch

What We Liked

  • One-touch controls
  • Space-saving form
  • Minimal noise and vibration

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lifespan is not great

Next up comes another cooler from the inimitable Kalamera. You’ll get the same build quality and attention to detail as with all their products, and you’ll get the same competitive pricing, too.

This is a smaller cooler ideal for up to 18 bottles of your favorite wine. As with all wine refrigerators, this capacity should be considered an absolute maximum rather than comfortable working level. There’s some confusion with the listing for this product. It states that this is a 31-bottle fridge, but there’s only space for 18 bottles.

The slim body measures just 12 inches across, so if you can take a hit on capacity, you’ll get a space-saving wine cooler tailor-made for confined spaces.

When it comes to installation, this unit works as a freestanding or built-in cooler. With a reversible door further widening your options for placement, this is one of the most flexible solutions to wine storage.

6 beech shelves are designed not to scuff up the labels on your wine while offering sufficient support for the bottles. You can slide up to 3 bottles of Bordeaux on each shelf.

Tweak the temperature from 40F to 66F using the smart controls. Rest secure knowing that temperature memory will reset the temperature to its operating level in the event of a power outage.

Blue LEDs inside let you scope out your collection without opening the door and exposing the wine to oxygen. You’ll also protect your wine from the harsher fluorescent lights found in some cheap wine coolers.

For a small but effective built-in wine refrigerator that runs quietly and without anything much by the way of vibration, Kalamera hits another home run.

4. 4th ranked: Phiestina 15 Inch Wine Cooler Refrigerator – 29 Bottle Built-in


  • 29 bottles
  • Dual-zone
  • 15-inch

What We Liked

  • Reversible door
  • Freestanding or built in
  • Air circulation system

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some issues with temperature

This rock-solid Phiestina wine cooler might not be cheap but you’ll get outstanding overall value. Even better, if you act quickly, you’ll capitalize on a decent discount. What do you get for your money, then?

Choose first whether to build this cooler into a kitchen cabinet or leave it freestanding. If you choose to build this unit in, there’s a vent at the front meaning it won’t overheat and you won’t need to take special precautions either. This kick plate is designed to neatly align with the kick plates of your kitchen cabinets for a seamless look.

The reversible door allows you to install the cooler so it best fits the layout of your kitchen.

Compressor-based cooling returns excellent energy-efficiency with the very minimum of noise and vibration. The same cannot be said for thermoelectric wine coolers.

Air circulation is highly efficient despite the lack of noise.

The dual-zone configuration is a great fit for collectors of both red and white wine. Chill whites briskly from 40F to 50F in the upper zone. The lower zone offers a temperature range of 50F to 66F, optimum for red wine.

A few disgruntled consumers complain about temperature maintenance degrading over time. Our assessment is that this tends to afflict many wine coolers at the lower end of the market. Unless you’re digging deep, these things don’t tend to stay accurate indefinitely. That said, we found overall user feedback concerning this wine cooler was largely positive.

5. 5th ranked: Aobosi 24 Inch Beverage and Wine Cooler, 2-IN-1 Wine Beverage Refrigerator


  • 18 bottles and 57 cans
  • Dual-zone
  • 24-inch

What We Liked

  • Ideal for canned drinks
  • Chill red and white wines
  • Independent zone controls

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some issues with quality control

Next up in our search for the best built-in wine coolers comes another entry from Aobosi with this compact but spacious unit.

You’ll need to make sure you have the space in your kitchen for this hulking cooler. Measuring 24 inches across, you’ll have room for 18 bottles of wine inside as well as 57 canned drinks.

The left-hand zone has wire shelves and stores canned drinks between 36F and 50F. The right-hand zone of the cooler has wooden shelving to protect the labels of your wine bottles. The temperature in this segment of the cooler can be adjusted between 41F and 64F.

Rated at just 42 decibels, you won’t need to put up with any annoying noise or vibration in order to keep your wine collection at its finest over time.

This cooler is suitable for both built-in and freestanding installation. This widens your options and comes in very handy if you’re operating with space constraints.

A handful of customers complain about receiving packages in pretty poor shape. We’d suggest checking the contents of your package closely upon receipt until this quality control issue is addressed.

For anyone looking to house a modest wine collection while also keeping a stash of canned soda or beer on hand, this built-in wine cooler from Aobosi continues the winning tradition set out by this highly reputable brand.

As a crowning bonus, you’ll benefit from a 1-month trial and a limited 1-year warranty along with lifetime technical assistance. If that doesn’t seem like the lengthiest warranty, it’s unfortunately pretty standard even with the best built-in wine coolers.

6. 6th ranked: Aobosi 15 inch 30 Bottle Wine Refrigerator Built in Wine Fridge


  • 30 bottles
  • Dual-zone
  • 15-inch

What We Liked

  • Humidity controls
  • Front vent
  • Quick, efficient cooling

What We Didn’t Like

  • Bottles can rub together

Yet another Aobosi up next in our curated list of the best wine coolers suitable for built-in wine use. What do you get with this fridge, then?

Measuring just 15 inches across yet giving you space for up to 30 bottles of wine, this cooler bridges the gap between space-saving dimensions and generous capacity. If you have a growing wine collection or you plan to add to your wine collection over time, consider upsizing. For anyone with a few carefully chosen bottles in store, this is a great cooler.

This is a dual-zone cooler with neat smart controls. Tweak the temperature in the upper zone from 41F to 55F. Down below, the temperature range allows you to store red wines at slightly higher temperatures from 55F to 64F. Both zones can be independently controlled offering you complete control over a mixed wine collection.

There’s a carbon filtration system baked into this cooler, helping to maintain the integrity of the cooling environment. You can also monitor humidity levels, giving you an all-round ally when you’re looking to store you wine and keep it at its best for longer.

Sliding beech shelves make it easy to access your collection without contorting yourself. These shelves won’t scratch up the labels on your wine bottles like metal shelves.

Some users have reported that the bottles are rather too snugly positioned and tend to rub together. We would advise against trying to fill this cooler to capacity.

A lockable door completes a highly effective wine cooler at a reasonably keen price point. See how you find this 15-inch Aobosi.


7. Kalamera 24” Beverage and Wine Cooler Built-in and Freestanding


  • 20 bottles and 78 cans
  • Dual-zone
  • 30-inch

What We Liked

  • Excellent capacity
  • Great for mixed drinks
  • Temperature memory function

What We Didn’t Like

  • Pretty bulky unit

We have yet another great cooler from Kalamera up next with this spacious dual-zone 30-incher.

The stainless steel build looks better with modern décor than in a more traditional kitchen. The twin zones eat up quite a lot of space, but you’ll get an impressive capacity in return. On the left-hand side of the fridge, you can accommodate up to 20 bottles of wine. The right-hand side is intended for canned drinks. You can fit in up to 78 cans of beer or soda so your beverage selection is always on-point.

On the left, the temperature range is 40F to 66F, while the other side can be tweaked from 38F to 55F allowing you to keep all your drinks at the optimum temperature fuss-free. Temperature memory ensures that the unit powers back up using the saved settings if the power goes down. Protect your investment at all times with this fridge.

You can leave this hulking wine cooler freestanding, or you can built it into your kitchen units.

Blue interior LED lighting provides a subtle but striking ambient glow. At the same time, your wine will be protected from fluorescent lighting. See your collection at a glance rather than hiding it away in a wine cellar.

Compressor-based cooling gives you the efficiency you need with the very minimum of noise and vibration, and without using too much electricity either.

One of the best built-in wine coolers on the market, this Kalamera is well worth your further investigation. Just make certain you have space for this substantial unit before committing to purchase.

8. Antarctic Star 15″ 28 Bottles Built-in Wine Cooler Beverage Refrigerator


  • 28 bottles
  • Dual-zone
  • 15-inch

What We Liked

  • Built in or freestanding
  • Blue interior LEDs
  • Beech shelving

What We Didn’t Like

  • Instructions are unclear

Antarctic Star makes some highly effective wine coolers. These fridges are not cheap, but we feel you’ll get great value for money if you have a small to medium-sized collection of mixed wine you’d like stored for short-term consumption or over the long haul.

The twin-zone cooler lets you keep either type of wine at the optimum temperature so it’s ready to serve on demand. If you store mixed wine in a single-zone cooler, you’ll need to compromise on the temperature with one of them.

The beech shelving accommodates up to 28 bottles of your favorite reds and whites without damaging the labels.

The door of this cooler is made from stainless steel and the heavy tempered glass keeps out the UV rays that can potentially impair your wine. As an added kicker, the soft blue LEDs give you a subtle ambient glow inside the cooler and a clear sight of your collection without needing to open the door and expose your wine to oxygen.

The dual-zone coolers can be adjusted from 41F through 68F giving you enormous scope and the ability to chill all types of wine just the way it should be stored.

Choose to build this cooler into your kitchen cabinets or leave it freestanding.

Several annoyed customers complained about the instruction manual beyond very hard to decipher. If you’re not too practically-minded, this might be a cause for concern.

Overall, you’re getting an efficient and quiet cooler from an industry-leading brand, even if you need to dig a little deeper for the privilege.

9. NewAir AWR-290DB Wine Cooler, 29 Bottle, Stainless Steel


  • 29 bottles
  • Dual-zone
  • 15-inch

What We Liked

  • Muted interior lighting
  • Very little vibration
  • Compact footprint

What We Didn’t Like

  • Poor temperature maintenance

NewAir manufactures a line of hard-hitting wine coolers ideal for commercial or residential purposes. This striking fridge would look great in the man cave, home kitchen, or den. How does it shape up, then?

The first thing you’ll notice about this cooler is the design. The purpose of a fridge may be functional, but there’s no reason for it to look unattractive. The stainless steel of this model is accented with black and there’s an alluring blue LED light inside. The overall effect is sleek and modern, perfect to complement a contemporary kitchen.

The compressor-based cooling here means there’s precious little noise or vibration. Even if you have the cooler set up in the den or near the living room, you won’t be disturbed by that pulsing thrum that plagues many cheap wine fridges. You’ll also enjoy excellent energy-efficiency with this model so you can save on your power bills, too.

Adjustable wooden shelving is designed to house up to 29 bottles of vino without causing any damage to the labels.

With dual-zone technology, you’ll be able to keep both red and white wines ready to drink and at the perfect temperature. Chill whites from 40F to 50F and reds from 50F to 66F.

Despite pretty generous capacity, this cooler occupies a relatively compact footprint making it a smart investment for anyone with a cramped kitchen.

If you’re looking for a well-insulated twin-zone wine cooler you can build into your kitchen cabinets or install under the counter, NewAir delivers in fine style.

10. EdgeStar 53 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler


  • 53 bottles
  • Single-zone
  • 24-inch

What We Liked

  • Auto-defrost
  • Lockable door
  • Little noise or vibration

What We Didn’t Like

  • Customer support could be improved

EdgeStar serves up another excellent built-in wine cooler, so how does this stand out in a crowded field?

Firstly, you’ll get a very generous capacity without needing to much interior real estate. The squat and compact design belies the interior which has space for up to 53 bottles of your favorite reds and whites.

You place your bottles on the 6 sliding shelves which are removable for your convenience. Wooden and trimmed with wire, the labels on your bottles are safe from being scratched up, and there’s ample support for bottles.

You only get a single cooling zone in this fridge. The temperature band is wide, allowing you to adjust the cooling from 40F to 65F. If you want to store wine long-term, this won’t be an issue. It won’t cause a problem either if you drink only reds or whites. For anyone looking to consume both types of wine on a regular basis, though, it makes sense to avoid this model and to seek out a dual-zone cooler. Most of the fridges we review today are dual-zone, so you have plenty of choice.

The compressor-based cooling system is efficient, energy-efficient, and doesn’t kick out too much noise or vibration either.

Blue LEDs inside illuminate your wine collection without creating too much light or exposing them to any exterior light.

As with all compressor-based cooling systems, noise and vibration are minimized, so you won’t end up with the sediment in your wine bottle disturbed.

While most users seem satisfied with the wine cooler, we found a number of complaints about customer care being less than helpful.

11. BODEGA 15 Inch Wine Cooler, Upgrade Wine Refrigerator


  • 31 bottles
  • Single-zone
  • 15-inch

What We Liked

  • Runs whisper-quiet
  • Smart controls
  • Built in or freestanding

What We Didn’t Like

  • Racks spaced too closely together

Bodega boasts a supremely quiet wine cooler ideal for anyone reluctant to invest in one of these units for fear of any annoying background noise. You’ll get none of that and almost no vibration here either, getting things off to a strong start.

This is a single-zone cooler, so it makes a neat fit if you drink red or white wine exclusively. The other use case for this type of cooler is for long-term storage. You can easily lay up mixed bottles of wine for the long haul then bring them up to temperature when they’re ready to drink. For anyone looking to drink red and white wine on the regular, though, it’s worth exploring dual-zone coolers. These will provide a much more seamless experience.

6 wooden shelves house up to 31 bottles of wine. A special oversized shelf is dedicated to larger bottles so you can accommodate a diverse smaller collection of wine without damaging any of the bottles and without needing to rearrange any of the shelving either.

This unit is designed to work either freestanding or as a built-in unit.

Measuring just 15 inches across in spite of such generous capacity, this cooler is a great investment for apartment dwellers or anyone faced with limited space in the kitchen, but the need for reliable wine storage.

Although the majority of user reviews are positive, we found a common theme centered on the spacing of the shelving. There are a number of complaints about the racks being too close together and making too snug a fit for the bottles inside.

12. NewAir Wine Cooler with 46 Bottle Capacity Built-In Compressor Mini Bar Fridge


  • 46 bottles
  • Dual-zone
  • 24-inch

What We Liked

  • Built-in compressor
  • Generous maximum capacity
  • Sleek aesthetics

What We Didn’t Like

  • Makes lots of noise

NewAir has a deep bench of reliable, efficient, and cost-effective wine coolers, many offering built-in installation. This 24-inch model continues that winning tradition.

The rugged stainless steel build look utilitarian and minimalist, much like most of the other coolers on our shortlist. Small details make this cooler stand out, though. The kickplate is recessed and the stainless steel if accented with black panels. Inside, there’s a muted blue LED light. This not only looks great, but also provides your wine bottles with the subdued lighting they need rather than harsh fluorescent strip lighting.

It’s not just this type of light that wine doesn’t like, though. UV rays can damage the tannins and flavor of wine, so the triple-tempered glass on the doors will stop that from making its way through.

Measuring 24 inches across, you can build this cooler into your kitchen cabinets or leave it freestanding. The front venting ensures there’s no overheating if you choose the built-in option.

With dual zones, you can store both red and white wine at its best. Both zones have a very wide temperature band from 40F to 66F. Manipulating the temperature is straightforward using the digital controls.

The compressor-based cooling system helps to mitigate much of the noise and vibration that blight inexpensive and inefficient wine coolers. The radiant cooling also means you’ll get a consistent cooling environment throughout.

If you have a mixed collection of wine you’d like to store for short-term consumption, this is one of the best built-in wine coolers for the purpose.

13. Avallon 23 Bottle 15″ Dual Zone Built-In Wine Cooler


  • 23 bottles
  • Dual-zone
  • 15-inch

What We Liked

  • Multiple configurations available
  • Removable shelves
  • Blue and white LEDs

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some complaints about quality control

Are you hunting for a small wine cooler you can build into your kitchen cabinets or install under the counter? If so, Avallon offers a superb example, even if it’s one of the more expensive coolers on our shortlist. For anyone shopping on a tighter budget, this is not for you. If you have deeper pockets, though, read on.

You get a choice of single-zone or double-zone, and you can also choose a left hinge or right hinge for the door, depending on how you’d like to position your cooler. This model is the dual-zone cooler with the right hinge on the door.

Chill your white wines anywhere from 40F to 54F. Red wines respond better to being stored at slightly warmer temperatures. The other side of the cooler is ideal for this, with a temperature range spanning 54F to 65F.

The chassis, doors, and handle of this fridge are all stainless steel. This not only looks great but is also built to withstand some punishment and to last the distance.

5 wooden shelves trimmed with stainless steel are removable for your complete convenience. You’ll get space to store up to 23 bottles of your favorite wines inside. If you need to accommodate larger bottles, you’ll appreciate these removable shelves. As with most coolers on our shortlist, quoted capacity is based on standard-sized 750ml bottles of Bordeaux. Larger bottles of wine or champagne bottles can be accommodate with a shelf slipped out.

Each side of this unit is illuminated by 2 lights so you’ll get the correct subdued environment for your wine bottles. The door is designed to keep UV rays out as well.

Although there are cheaper built-in wine coolers out there, this is one of the finest and most precise examples you’ll find. If you can afford it, you’ll love it.

14. EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler


  • 30 bottles
  • Dual-zone
  • 15-inch

What We Liked

  • Normal or reverse racking
  • Compact but spacious
  • Double-paned tempered glass door

What We Didn’t Like

  • Makes a lot of noise

The always-reliable EdgeStar produces a fine range of highly effective and energy-efficient compressor-based wine coolers. How does this model differentiate itself, then?

Well, you’ll get the ability to rack or reverse rack your wine. Enjoy total freedom to create the storage environment that suits your collection.

You get 7 shelves in total, and these are wooden to avoid the scratching and scuffing that accompanies metal shelves. Keep the labels of your wine bottles intact worry-free.

The reversible double-paned door has glass specially tempered to prevent sunlight from getting inside and damaging the wine you’re going to such lengths to preserve. Since it’s reversible, you’ll get even more latitude when it comes to placement. This is further enhanced as you can choose to build this cooler into your kitchen cabinets or to leave it freestanding. Integrated venting removes the risk of overheating, even if you install this built-in wine cooler under your kitchen counter.

While this is a compressor-based cooling system, it’s certainly not among the quietest fridges out there. If you’re planning to position this somewhere near the living room, you may want to explore some of the quieter coolers on our shortlist.

This is a single-zone unit, but if you need the flexibility of a dual-zone cooler, you can find an alternative version with twin zones.

15. Lanbo 44 Bottle Built-in Dual Zone Compressor Wine Cooler


  • 44 bottles
  • Dual-zone
  • 24-inch

What We Liked

  • Temperature memory function
  • Pretty quiet
  • Beech shelving

What We Didn’t Like

  • Issues with delivery

As we edge to the end of our curated collection of the best built-in wine coolers across all budgets, here’s a commanding but pocket-friendly model from Lanbo that’s well worth popping on your shortlist.

This is a small and squat unit measuring 24 inches across that works well in smaller spaces. The option of building this cooler into your kitchen cabinets or installing it under the counter is another way to make the most of the space at your disposal. If you prefer, you could leave the cooler freestanding.

The compressor-based cooling system is one of the quieter models on our list today. This makes a wise bet if your wine fridge is close to a living area or bedroom.

The dual-zone cooler is perfect for anyone with a collection of red and white wine. Chill whites aggressively in the upper zone from 41F to 54F. Red wines, as you probably know, should be stored at warmer temperatures, so pop them in the lower zone of this cooler. Here, you can adjust the temperature between 54F and 64F.

You’ll be safeguarded if you unexpectedly lose power in an outage. The temperature memory function ensures the cooler will power back on to its previous temperature settings.

The classic tempered glass door keeps those UV rays out while still permitting you to scope out your collection.

Most of the customer feedback concerning this model is positive. We found a few isolated complaints about delivery issues, though.

16. EdgeStar 36 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone French Door Wine Cooler


  • 36 bottles
  • Dual-zone
  • 24-inch

What We Liked

  • Wooden shelving
  • Rugged build
  • Decent capacity

What We Didn’t Like

  • Questionable lifespan

Last but by no means least in our hunt for the best built-in wine coolers comes a great model from the ever-reliable EdgeStar.

If you’re looking for a cheap wine cooler, this is not for you. Also – and despite that stiff price tag – this is not a great fit either if you’re shopping based primarily for durability. A number of customers have complained that the lifespan of this fridge was disappointing.

How about the good, though?

Well, there’s plenty of it with this cooler. The stainless steel finish is sleek and looks great in any minimalist kitchen. This expanse of silver is offset by the black interior and the black tempered glass door.

The French door allow you easy access to your wine collection, and they’re designed to keep out those damaging UV rays.

The cooler is designed to fit under the counter. You’ll have space for up to 36 bottles of wine inside. 10 of the shelves are full depth. They slide out to make your life easier. 2 further shelves are partial-depth. These also slide out and come trimmed with stainless steel. The wooden shelves mean there’s no scratching and scuffing of the labels on your bottles either.

There are twin zones on this cooler, each with a temperature range of 40F to 65F. This is perfect if you want to keep both red and white wines at the optimum drinking temperature.

LED lighting softly showcases your collection without exposing the wine to harsh fluorescent lights. The tinted glass keeps those UV rays out, too.

If you can weather the stiff price tag and you’re prepared to take a chance on durability, the EdgeStar wine cooler is one of the best models you’ll find.


Well, perhaps you arrived here today at Barnacle Bar without the first idea of how to find the best built-in wine coolers from so many choice glutting the market. That should have changed by now.

Stick with any of the wine coolers on our shortlist and you’ll have an accurate idea of their strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also have the ability to easily compare these fridges like-for-like to establish the best fit for your kitchen.

If you want to store both red and white wine and you want to drink it on a regular basis, seeking out a dual-zone wine cooler allows you to keep both types of wine at the optimum temperature.

Anyone looking for the quietest possible cooler should opt for one using a compressor rather than a thermoelectric system.

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