How To use Boveda Packs For Cigars

Do you have any cigars that you’ve been wanting to smoke, but don’t know how to keep them fresh?

If so, Boveda packs are the perfect solution for you! In this blog post, we will teach you how to use Boveda packs and get the most out of your cigars.

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What Are Boveda Packs?

 Boveda Packs
Boveda Packs are a great way to control and maintain your environment’s humidity for your cigars.

Boveda Packs are small packets that contain natural substances, such as natural salts and water, that help to regulate the humidity levels in your environment.

By absorbing excess moisture, Boveda Packs help to prevent mold and mildew growth, and they also help to keep your temperature and humidity levels balanced.

In addition, Boveda Packs release moisture as needed, which helps to keep your cigars healthy and prevents them from drying out.

How To Use Boveda Packs For Cigars

A cigar next to a whiskey glass
Boveda packs are a great way to keep the humidity balanced in your humidors for your cigars.

Boveda packs are a great way to keep your cigars as fresh as possible for as long as possible. Here are some steps to follow to use a Boveda pack:

Place Boveda Pack

Place the Boveda pack in your humidor, or other storage containers, with your cigars.

You can even use a Boveda holder inside of the humidor to hold it.

Check It Regularly

Check the Boveda pack regularly because it will need to be recharged or replaced after a certain amount of time.

If you find that the Boveda pack is hard or solid then this is an indication that it needs to be recharged or replaced.

It gets hard because this means that the liquid is gone. The liquid is what keeps the humidity accurate, so it’s essential to have it for the Boveda pack to work correctly.

Recharging Your Pack

Recharging your pack is an option if you found that it is solid. You’ll want to recharge your pack by soaking it in purified water for a few hours, then letting it dry out.

If you don’t want to recharge your pack then you can just replace it with a new one.

How Long Do Boveda Packs Last?

Cigars sitting inside of a humidor
Boveda packs are meant to last quite a while without needing to be replaced or recharged.

Boveda packs can be expected to last a few months up to a year without needing to be replaced.

Boveda packs by themselves have a shelf life of 2 years as well. regardless, they should keep your cigars fresh enough for a great amount of time.


Boveda packs are a great way to keep your cigars fresh and flavorful. These packs help to regulate the humidity in your cigar collection, keeping your cigars fresh and flavorful.

We hope this helps you figure out how to use a Boveda pack with your cigars.

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