What Are FLAVORED Cigars – How Are They Different?

Cigars are a popular smoking choice for many people, and there are different types of cigars to choose from.

One of the most popular choices is flavored cigars.

But, what are flavored cigars, and how are they different from other cigars? 

What Are Flavored Cigars?

Flavored cigars are different from traditional cigars because they are infused with oil and syrup. This gives it a sweet flavor.
Flavored cigars are different from traditional cigars because they are infused with oil and syrup. This gives it a sweet flavor.

Flavored cigars are types of cigars that have been infused with oil or syrup that adds taste to the cigar.

While the tobacco used in flavored cigars is produced, harvested, and matured in the same manner as premium cigars, flavored cigars are often aged for a shorter period of time.

The idea behind maturing these cigars for a shorter period is that the flavoring will be picked up by the tobacco.

As a result, the flavored cigar will taste identical to the flavor that the producer has imparted on the cigars.

Flavored cigars accounted for half of all cigars supplied by mass merchants in 2018.

Watch the video below for the 10 most popular flavored cigars on the market today:

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How They’re Different

How flavored cigars differ from traditional cigars largely has to do with the manufacturing process.

To make a flavored cigar, manufacturers may soak tobacco leaves in flavored syrup or oil.

They may also infuse them with flavorings using a machine called a flavor injector, or add drops of concentrated flavoring directly into the cigar.

This not only changes the taste of the cigar, but also the smell.

Traditional cigars are made with tobacco leaves that have been cured and then fermented, which gives them their signature flavor.

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Most Popular Flavors of Cigars

What do cigars taste like?

Flavored cigars are available in a variety of flavors, including the following:

  • Fruits
  • Cocktail flavors
  • Sweets and candies
  • Wine
  • Menthol and mint
  • Cloves
  • Liquor

These are just some of the most popular flavored cigars in the United States by volume of sales.

Because they come in such a wide range of flavors, there’s sure to be a flavored cigar out there that appeals to just about any palate.

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Flavored cigars are a fun alternative to traditional cigars.
Flavored cigars can be a fun addition to your cigar collection.

Do Flavored Cigars Contain Nicotine?

Flavored cigars do contain nicotine, like other cigars.

The flavor doesn’t change the effect of cigars, just the flavor.

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Are Flavored Cigars Any Better?

It depends on who you ask.

Some people prefer the artificial or natural flavorings added to cigars, while others prefer the earthy taste of traditional cigars.

As far as the effect of flavored cigars, it’s about the same as a traditional cigar. You can relax smoking a flavored or unflavored cigar.

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Whether you prefer traditional cigars or flavored cigars is a matter of personal preference.

If you’re new to cigars, starting with a flavored cigar may be a good way to ease into the cigar smoking experience. 

Flavored cigars offer a sweeter, more approachable taste than traditional cigars, making them perfect for someone who’s just beginning to explore the world of premium cigars.

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