How to Make Homemade Strawberry Wine


Strawberries are one of the most appealing fruits, but did you know you can make great wine using strawberries? As with all fruit wines, you want the flavor of the fruit to come fully to the fore. This means that there isn’t a great deal of body to the wine you’ll be making today. That … Read more

What Are Tannins In Red Wine?


If you’re new to wine collecting, you might be wondering about tannins. Well, there are many ways to describe wine, and tannins is a term used to describe the bitterness, dryness, and astringency of a wine. Tannins are typically associated with red wine, essentially delivering the opposite of the sweetness associated with many white wines … Read more

How to Make Sangria with White Wine


Summer might be drawing to a close once more, but you need a refreshing drink year-round, and sangria hits the spot. Today, we’ll show you how to make sangria with white wine with just a few simple ingredients. Cheap and easy to make, this taste sensation is well worth adding to your drinks menu. You’ll … Read more

How to Make Muscadine Wine


Imagine a wine that’s not only fragrant and full-bodied, but also good for your health. With today’s brief guide to making muscadine wine, we’ll show you how to turn this superfood rich in antioxidants into a rich and rewarding beverage. Not only does the skin of the muscadine grape contain more fiber than rice bran … Read more

How to Make Dandelion Wine


Learning how to make dandelion wine is not that hard. The most difficult aspect of creating this tantalizing beverage at home is having the patience to wait for the lengthy fermentation process. Dandelions look sunny and bright, but they are actually weeds that pop up all over your lawn over the summer. The petals of … Read more

What Is Port Wine and How to Drink It?


Port wine is one of the most enduringly popular after-dinner drinks the world over. This sweet wine is a digestif with many layers that’s well worth adding to your drink’s menu. Today, we’ll walk you through a look at what Port wine is, exploring the many different types of this digestif, as well as recommending … Read more

What is a Wine Aerator? – Complete Guide


Wine tasting is a very involved and complex activity. Many wine tasting professionals consider it both as an art and science. For amateurs and hobbyists, wine tasting is simply a matter of enjoying its unique experience. To fully appreciate the taste and texture of the wine, you need to taste it during optimal conditions; this … Read more

How You Can Decant Wines on Your Own


The process of wine decantation is designed to make your wine taste better since it allows sediments to get separated. The reason behind this is that sediments taste unpleasant, so performing wine decantation will drastically improve your wine’s taste. Apart from that, this process can also improve its aroma. With the use of a wine … Read more

What You Need to Know About Wine Decanter


Decanting is a process of slowly pouring liquids (Usually wines) to another container or vessel (decanter); it is done slowly so that the sediments from the bottom will not be disturbed. A wine decanter is a container used to hold the decantation of wine. It comes from different shapes and designs and is usually made … Read more