The 16 Best Built-in Wine Coolers


If you’ve just started getting interested in wine, you’ll need to store your wine so it stays at its best. Popping a bottle of wine in the fridge outside of an emergency is really not wise. Kitchen fridges don’t have the right temperature range or humidity levels for storing wine properly. Beyond this, it’s not … Read more

The 16 Best Wine and Beverage Coolers for Perfectly Chilled Beer, Soda, and Wine


With the warmer weather on the horizon, have you made provision for keeping your favorite beverages chilled? If you rely on the kitchen refrigerator for storing wine, you’ll not only eat into the precious space inside, but you’ll also be doing yourself a disservice. Why is that? Well, both the temperature and the humidity levels … Read more

The 15 Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers


Wine is one of the easiest drinks to sip, but storing and preserving wine presents a number of challenges. When you’re just starting your wine journey, you might assume you can just store unfinished wine in the refrigerator. Now, storing the occasional bottle of wine this way in the short-term might be acceptable, but the … Read more