How To Cut A Torpedo Cigar – A Complete Guide

A torpedo cigar is a type of cigar that is shaped like a bullet. It is named after the torpedo-shaped cigars that were widespread in the early 20th century.

There are many ways to cut a torpedo cigar, but the most common way is to use a guillotine cutter.

We’ll go over some of the best ways to cut a torpedo cigar, including the guillotine method!

How To Cut A Torpedo Cigar

How To Cut A Torpedo Cigar
Torpedo cigars are some of the most popular cigars, but knowing how to cut them properly can be a challenge.

1. Get a Linear Cigar Cutter

The easiest way to cut a torpedo is with an ordinary straight razor. It’s not only easy but also provides you the option of using different types and styles when your mood strikes!

A single-blade cutter or double guillotine will help get this job done quickly while sharp pair of scissors can be used if necessary.

2. Recognize the Edge of the Cigar’s Cap

The end of the cigar you light is called the “head” while the other, open side is known as the “foot.”

To make sure your torpedo doesn’t unravel, you need to cut it just above the shoulder — or the line where the cigar begins to taper.

3. Cut

To ensure a smooth, gentle draw on your cigar you should always make sure that the cutter is positioned properly and closed in one quick motion.

It’s important to cut these torpedo cigars at a slant or angle so you can ensure that you have a straight and useful cut to smoke it.

If you use a straight edge be sure to cut around the cigar at an angle.

If you’re using a guillotine cutter then be sure to position the cigar at an angle under the cutter so that when you push it down it automatically cuts it at an angle.

4. Light Up & Enjoy!

After all, that’s been said and done, it’s now time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Here’s a video showing one way that you can cut a torpedo cigar:

Options To Cut A Torpedo Cigar

There are so many cutter options out there for cigars, but when it comes to cutting torpedo cigars you really want to stick to the options that will make cutting at an angle easiest.

  • Guillotine Cutter
  • Straight Razor
  • Cigar Scissors
  • V-Cutter
  • Punch Cutter
  • Knife

What Is Best To Cut Your Torpedo Cigar?

cigar and ashtray
Using the proper cutting tools that work for you and the cigar is super important to find the perfect tool and method.

There are a lot of options to cut your cigars but torpedo cigars really need to be cut at an angle.

Finding the best cutting methods for your torpedo cigars can be difficult because of this. However, we have a couple of the best options here.

Straight Edge Razor

Straight-edge razors are always a top choice when it comes to cutting a torpedo cigar. This is because you can use it to make any sort of cut that you’d want because it’s very versatile.

Using a straight-edge razor makes for a quick and precise cut which is exactly what you need when cutting a cigar.

Guillotine Cutter

cutting a cigar
Straight edge and guillotine cutters are the best for torpedo cigars to get a good angled cut.

Guillotine cutters are one of the most popular options for torpedo cigars in specific. This is because it helps to get a clean cut at an angle. It doesn’t require you to cut a circle around the cigar.

Instead, these cutters are used to slice completely through the cigar at an angle. Making a super clean cut which is perfect for smoking.


Q: Do You Need To Cut A Torpedo Cigar?

A: Yes, you will need to cut the cigar in order to smoke it. There are a few ways to do this, but the most familiar is to use a sharp knife or a cigar cutter.

Cut the cigar using a cigar cutter just above the shoulder, or “cap,” taking care not to cut too much off.

Q: What Is The Best Cutter For A Torpedo Cigar?

A: The best cutter for a torpedo cigar is a guillotine cutter. Guillotine cutters are simple to use and they produce a clean cut.

If you don’t have a guillotine cutter, you can use a V-cutter or a straight edge razor instead.


Using the best cutter to cut a torpedo cigar is essential to making sure you get the perfect angled cut.

Torpedo cigars might seem difficult to cut, but following these tips can help you figure out how to cut a torpedo cigar.

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