What Are Bubble Gum Cigars?

What are bubble gum cigars? If you’ve never heard of them before, you’re not alone. They are a relatively new product that has only been around for a few years. Bubble gum cigars are just what they sound like – cigars made out of bubble gum!

If you want to know more about bubble gum cigars, then keep on reading!

What Is A Bubble Gum Cigar?

A bubble gum cigar isn’t a regular cigar at all. It’s actually been marketed more toward kids and teens if anything, however, it’s more of an older candy. Bubble gum cigars were more popular in the 50s and 60s than they are now.

It’s even quite difficult to find bubble gum cigars around anymore as there was a bit of controversy over them that we’ll get into later on in this article. Overall, they resemble the same concept as candy cigarettes did back in the day.

Here’s a closer look at bubble gum cigars:

How Did Bubble Gum Cigars Work

Pink bubble gum cigars
Although these bubble gum cigars might sound pretty cool, there was a bit of controversy when it came to them.

Bubble gum cigars were a popular treat among kids. It was a stick of bubble gum that came in different flavors such as grape or orange, but it was wrapped in what looked to be a cigar wrapper. The product resembled a brightly colored, consumable cigar.

You would unwrap the cigar and many kids would pretend to play with it before consuming it like normal bubble gum.

However, some brands went all out with similarities to real cigars by adding a sugar-coated wrapper that would make “smoke” when blown by whoever was using the bubble gum cigar.

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What Are Candy Cigars?

It's a boy bubble gum cigars
Candy cigars come in more than just bubble gum flavor, so look out for the rest of these flavors as well.

Candy cigars are exactly what they sound like. They are candies that resemble cigars in terms of shape, size, and even wrappers.

You can find candy cigars in many different types of flavors such as:

  • Bubblegum
  • Chocolate
  • Chalky candy
  • Chewy candy

You also may have seen candy cigarettes which were popular around the same time as bubble gum cigars were. Candy cigarettes came in a pack and were white, chalky candy sticks that resembled cigarettes in a pack.

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Drawbacks To Bubble Gum Cigars

Bubble gum cigars can encourage kids of bad habits

The main complaint and the main reason they aren’t seen around much anymore is that parents weren’t too happy with them marketing tobacco-like products to children.

Regardless of the fact it didn’t have nicotine or tobacco in the product, it still encouraged children to act like they are smoking to give praise for smoking cigars. This is definitely something to keep in mind before purchasing for your kids.

Bubble gum cigars may be difficult to find in some areas.

Swell bubble gum cigar pack
Bubble gum cigars aren’t for everyone, but it is a nostalgic part of our childhood.

Bubble gum cigars may be difficult to find in some areas because they are not really made that much anymore. You may be able to find them online, but you can’t expect to walk into a gas station and find some.

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When did bubble gum cigars come out?

Bubble gum cigars officially came out in the 1920s, but they weren’t very popular until about the 1950s.

Do candy cigarettes have nicotine?

Candy cigarettes and bubble gum or candy cigars do not contain nicotine at all. They have no tobacco, nicotine, or anything else besides pure candy.

What is a chocolate cigar?

A chocolate cigar is the same concept as a bubble gum cigar, except for the fact that it’s made of chocolate instead of bubble gum. However, the idea and design are all the same.