How to Pack Wine Glasses: Prevent Shattering (TOP TIPS)

Packing wine glasses can be a daunting task. Their beautiful and delicate appearance means that they’re easily broken.

So, knowing how to pack them correctly is very important.

In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips on how to pack wine glasses safely and efficiently.

With a bit of preparation, you can make sure that your wine glasses arrive at your destination intact and ready for use.

How to pack wine glasses

how to pack wine glasses
If you know how to pack your wine glasses well, you will find them in one piece when you get where you’re going.

Wine glasses are almost certainly part of the wine-drinking experience. They have delicate, bell-like bowls and thin stems that contribute to the beauty of your favorite red wine.

So when it comes time to move, you will want to be sure you know how to pack wine glasses so that they do not get broken.

Your wine glasses will be in good hands if you:

  • Use the appropriate packing materials
  • Label and seal each box appropriately
  • Transport them carefully

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use the appropriate Packing Materials

Moving can be a daunting task, especially if you have a lot of valuable or delicate items.

Choosing the right packing materials is essential to ensuring that your belongings arrive at your new home safely.

Your wine glasses are no exception to this. Don’t trust the safety of your wine glasses to old newspapers.

When you wrap your wine glasses in newspapers, the ink transfers to the glass meaning you have more work to do to clean them up.

And anyway, newspaper does not provide much of a cushion. Read on to find out what packing materials are best for your wine glasses and how to use them.

Wrap Each Wine Glass in Bubble Wrap

One of the best materials to use to protect your wine glasses is bubble wrap.

This protective material helps to prevent the impact from bumps or tumbles from breaking the glass.

When wrapped properly the cushioning properties of bubble wrap help absorb accidents that would cause glasses to break otherwise. 

Wrap each wineglass so that the bubble wrap envelopes both the bowl and the stem of the glass.

Use a small piece of tape to hold it in place, and you can even place some bubble wrap inside the glass.

Taking a few moments to pack your wine glasses in bubble wrap will ensure that they remain safe and sound throughout their journey.

Place Them in a Sturdy Box or Container

When packing wine glasses for transport, it is important to use a sturdy box or container that can provide adequate protection if they get jostled in the moving van while driving.

Do not use old or oddly shaped boxes from past Amazon orders as a way to save money. That might work for other things, but not wine glasses.

Use new, standard-sized moving boxes so that they can be stacked carefully and uniformly (more on that later).

Also, pack each box carefully. Some boxes come with inserts that allow separate spaces for each glass and keep them upright.

If your boxes do not have this, or if your glasses are an unusual size or shape, don’t worry.

Pack your glasses one at a time, placing them carefully inside the box standing up.

If your glasses are short, you stack one layer of glasses on top of another by laying down a layer of bubble wrap, or other protective material between the glasses.

If not, then just pack one level of glasses and leave it at that. 

Add Packing Peanuts or Other Cushioning Material

Now you need to make sure that your well-packed wine glasses stay secure in your box.

One way to do this is to add packing peanuts or some other cushioning material around the glasses.

This will help to absorb any impacts and prevent the glasses from breaking.

If you don’t have packing peanuts, this is an appropriate application for newspapers or old magazines because your glasses are protected by the bubble wrap.

Ball up the magazine pages or rip up the newspaper into manageable sizes and carefully shove the pieces in between the glasses so that they stay secure and don’t move around in the box. 

Seal Your boxes and label them appropriately

Seal The Box
Sealing and labeling each box will save from spills and accidentally packing a fragile box at the bottom of the stack.

To pack your wine glasses for storage or transport, you will need to start by sealing the box.

If you haven’t already done this, be sure that the bottoms of the boxes are reinforced with tape before you back them, even though wine glasses are light.

Once you have packed your boxes, fold the panels over the opening and seal those shut as well.

Folding them together so that they seal themselves is not the best practice. They can easily open up and your glasses could fall out of them.

Next, label each box as fragile so that the people who are helping you move know that wine glasses are in the boxes.

This will also help them know how to stack the boxes in the moving van (more on that later).

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Transport The Wine Glasses carefully

 Wine Glasses
To transport your wine glasses safely start by stacking the fragile boxes at the top of the stack.

Safely transporting wine glasses is more than just driving carefully. To transport your wine glasses safely to your destination, you need to load them securely in the moving van.

Remember how we told you to label the boxes clearly? Here’s why that matters: you want the boxes with your wine glasses to go at the top of a stack of boxes.

If your wine glasses are at the bottom, they could easily be crushed by the heavy boxes above.

Also, do you remember that we told you to pack your wine glasses in standard-sized boxes?

You want to be able to stack them neatly. If they are in odd-sized boxes or placed in a stack of odd-sized boxes, they are more likely to tip over and fall.

Finally, find some way of securing the stack of boxes in your moving van.

Don’t stack them higher than the rest of the load. Either even them out on top of the whole load or build the load up to secure the boxes.

And finally, yes, you should also drive carefully.

Importance of Packing Wine Glasses

Remember, wine glasses are exceptionally easy to break, so be sure that you pack them carefully using the appropriate materials.

With careful packing and loading techniques, your wine glasses will be safe and sound by the time you reach your new destination.

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