How Big is a Split of Champagne? (IDEAS for Using Them)

It’s a waste of money to open a full bottle of champagne for one or two people.

It goes flat and doesn’t taste right after the first day. Champagne splits ensure your champagne tastes perfect.

Want to give away champagne splits for wedding or party favors? Guests love to go home with a split that commemorates the big day.

But how big is a split of champagne? Find out how big champagne splits are and ideas for using them.

How Big Is a Split of Champagne?

small champagne split
A quarter split is enough for a single glass of champagne.

A split of champagne comes in 2 sizes. A quarter split contains about a quarter of a bottle of champagne, around 6.3 ounces (187mL), or enough for a single glass of champagne.

A half split of champagne holds about a half bottle of champagne, about 13 ounces (375mL), or two glasses – perfect for toasting with a friend.

Split bottles are available for all types of wine including champagne, sparkling wine, red, white, and rosé wines.

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How Do I Buy Champagne Splits?

champagne half split
Champagne half splits are perfect for enjoying a toast with a loved one.

A standard size bottle of champagne is 750ml. When shopping online, look for bottles that are 187mL for a quarter split or 375mL for a half split.

The bottles are labeled, corked, and decorated exactly like their regular-sized and magnum counterparts, so don’t depend on the picture to tell you that it’s a split.

In the liquor store, splits are easy to spot because they’re in mini-bottles that look just like the large bottles. Hotels often have splits in the room or bar for sale. Simply ask for a quarter or half split.

Warehouse stores like Costco often sell cases of champagne or sparkling wine splits during the wedding season and holiday seasons. These are usually half splits, enough for 2 glasses of champagne.

Some brands have canned splits of wine and sparkling wine that are designed to be taken to parks where glass is not allowed. We don’t like our wine from cans, but it works in a pinch.

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Can I Get Splits in Wines Besides Champagne?

Champagne is only made in the Champagne region of France. It is usually your most expensive option.

However, you can buy a very similar beverage called sparkling wine in splits as well.

Sparkling wines come in all wine colors, and many are sweeter and more fruity than champagne.

Depending on your taste preference, you may enjoy a split of sparkling wine better than a champagne split.

You can even get splits of sparkling cider to enjoy with children and send home as party favors with non-drinking friends!

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What Can I Do With Champagne Splits?

tagged splits
Quarter splits are perfect for giving to each guest to take home and enjoy a glass later.

Champagne and sparkling wine splits are frequently purchased as party favors or wedding favors.

They are also usually stocked in hotels for guests to purchase in the room or bar.

  • Place each split in a mini wine bag and set them out as favors
  • Give splits away as part of gift baskets
  • Surprise a friend with a half split on a picnic
  • Purchase a half split for toasting a special occasion
  • Have splits printed with custom labels for a major event

Having splits custom printed is expensive so most people make their own labels or bag and tag the splits.

However, a custom printed split is a lovely gift, and you can get some companies to give you a deal if you’re buying several cases.

Want some ideas for how to decorate champagne splits for your big day? There are tons of ways you can make them look unique and beautiful.

Check out this video for inspiration.

Final Thoughts

Sure, you can pop the cork on a full bottle with a group of friends, but splits let you enjoy the experience a glass at a time.

Canned splits allow you to take your favorite beverage to parks and other places where glass bottles are banned, so these are popular during the summer outdoor concert season.

If you want to toast with a friend without wasting a bottle of champagne or drinking too much, use a half split. They’re perfect for celebrating with a friend.

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