Can You Take Cigars On A Plane?

People have enjoyed cigars for centuries. They can be a great way to relax and enjoy time with friends. So it makes sense to want to take them with you when you travel, but can you take cigars on a plane?

We’re going to dive in and answer this question more in-depth. So if you’re planning a trip and want to know if you can bring cigars or if you’re just curious, then keep on reading!

Can You Take Cigars On A Plane?

close up of three cigars
Taking cigars on a plane is completely okay, as long as you follow all the necessary tips and rules.

The answer is yes, you can take cigars on a plane. There are a few different things to keep in mind such as rules for traveling with them, limits, and where you can bring them from.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t have an issue traveling with cigars on a plane.

Rules About Taking Cigars On A Plane

Cigars Cannot Exceed Three Ounces In Weight

Federal law prohibits any carry-on item that weighs more than three ounces. Cigars are no exception and must adhere to this weight limit. There are a few possible reasons for this restriction.

For one, heavier items can cause problems during takeoff and landing if they shift around in the cargo area. They can also be a nuisance to other passengers if they take up too much space in the overhead compartment.

Additionally, items that weigh more than three ounces may be subject to additional security screening.

Passengers Are Not Allowed To Smoke Cigars Onboard The Aircraft.

Smoking cigars is not allowed on an aircraft as it is a safety issue. Smoking of any kind is not allowed on planes.

Cigars Must Be Declared At The Security Checkpoint.

cigars in cigar holder
You can pack cigars in both your checked luggage and your carry-on luggage.

When traveling with cigars, you must declare them at the security checkpoint. You can usually bring them on the plane, but some restrictions exist.

For example, there are restrictions on the number of cigars you can bring into the country. Check with the airline before you travel to find out their policy on bringing cigars on board.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in confiscation of the cigars and civil penalties.

Here’s a great video giving some tips on how to travel with cigars:


Are Any Restrictions On The Number Of Cigars You Can Bring Into The Country?

The amount of cigars you can bring into the United States from another country is restricted.

You can bring up to 100 cigars into the country, but they must be for personal use only.

If you are caught bringing in more than 100 cigars, or if it is determined that you are trying to sell them, the cigars will be confiscated, and you may be subject to civil penalties.

Check with the airline before you travel to find out their policy on bringing cigars into the country.

How Should I Pack My Cigars For Air Travel?

There are a few things to keep in mind when packing cigars for air travel, as they will react negatively to changes in moisture and temperature.

  • Use a cigar case, humidor, or a Tupperware container with a humidifier pack.
  • Place them securely so they don’t roll around or get jostled too much.
  • Packing them in your carry-on is best since there will be less chance of changing temperatures or atmospheric pressure interfering with them.
  • Make sure your cigar cutter is packed in your carry-on as well.

Is It Legal To Carry Matches On An Airplane?

person holding a cigar
Keeping these questions in mind can help you better pack for your vacation with cigars.

If you’re wondering if matches are allowed on planes, the TSA states that you are forbidden from bringing any matches in your checked bags.

However, you can bring a single box of safety matches in your carry-on bag.

These matches must be packed so they cannot be used, such as placed in a container with a lid. The TSA also states that you cannot bring lighters or lighter fluid on board an aircraft.

As always, it’s best to check with the airline before you travel to find out their policy on bringing cigars and matches on board.


Overall, the answer is yes, you can bring cigars on a plane. There are a few things to remember when packing and traveling with cigars.

As long as you follow these tips, you can ensure that you have all the right resources to travel safely with your cigars.