Is Wine Carbonated? IT DEPENDS (All You Need to Know)

Is wine carbonated? That depends on the type of wine you buy.

Read on to learn all about carbonated wines and how to know if you’re buying a carbonated or still wine before you pop the cork.

Is Wine Carbonated?

sparkling wine in a flute
Wine that is carbonated is called sparkling wine. It can be lightly or heavily carbonated depending on the maker.

Regular table wine is not carbonated. These are still wines that can be red, white, pink, fortified like Port or distilled like Brandy.

There are not carbonation bubbles in these regular types of wine.

Sparkling wine is a wine that undergoes a specific step that injects carbon dioxide into the wine.

Carbonation can occur from fermentation in a corked bottle or the mechanical injection of carbon dioxide.

This infusion creates a high amount of pressure in the wine that results in effervescent bubbles when the bottle is uncorked and poured.

While table wine can have a prickly feeling on the tongue and in the mouth, there is no mistaking the distinct bubbles of sparkling wine.

Also, sparkling wines are advertised as such.

How Does Sparkling Wine Get Carbonated?

Pouring Champagne
Champagne is a very specific type of sparkling wine that is naturally carbonated through fermentation.

Traditional wine carbonation is caused by a small amount of fermentation that happens inside the bottle after it’s corked.

The carbon dioxide gasses produced by fermentation build up in the liquid and fizz once the pressure is released.

The slow release of bubbles is caused by gas collection on the imperfections in the glass.

Carbonation in cheaper sparkling wine happens when carbon dioxide is injected directly into the wine before bottling. This process is similar to creating sparkling water or soda.

This method is used because adding carbon dioxide to the wine occurs before the wine goes through malolactic fermentation so it has a chance to remain unchanged after malolactic fermentation.

The carbon dioxide may also be injected directly into the wine bottles as they are being served to create a fast, effective, and inexpensive bubbly.

You can make a wine spritzer by adding carbonated water and fruit to your favorite white wine. Use red or white wine and club soda to make a delicious, refreshing Sangria.

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Is Carbonated Wine Bad for You?

There isn’t any difference in alcohol content or nutritional content between still wine and carbonated (sparkling) wine. It depends on the type of wine you are drinking.

The most popular types of sparkling wine include:

  • Champagne
  • Prosecco
  • Cava
  • Moscato

The bubbles add a fun and festive flair and can change the flavor of wine, often enhancing fruit or flower notes in the wine.

Champagne is the most notable type of sparkling wine.

As with any alcoholic beverage, moderation is key to enjoyment.

Savor your sparkling wine rather than drinking as much as you can to fully enjoy the flavors, aromas, and experience.

Final Thoughts

Sparkling red wine is a perfect pairing for an outdoor smokeout or barbecue featuring beef hamburgers, brisket, ribs, or beef kebabs with vegetables.

Sparkling white wine pairs wonderfully with summertime picnics, cold meats, pork, chicken barbecue, and fruit kebabs.

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