Frizzante Vs Spumante: Main Differences & Drink GUIDE

Delving into the world of sparkling wines brings you to decide between some varieties that sound very similar.

Frizzante and Spumante are two types of sparkling wine that some think are interchangeable.

However, there are quite a few differences between Frizzante and Spumante that you’ll want to know before you order.

We’ll cover what you need to know in this Frizzante vs Spumante comparison and guide!

Frizzante vs Spumante – The Main Differences

Frizzante and spumante are different in several ways including the amount of carbonation and alcohol content.

The words frizzante vs spumante are terms that refer to the fizziness of Italian sparkling wines.

Think of frizzante as gently sparkling or semi-sparkling and spumante as fully sparkling or very fizzy.

Frizzante wine is slightly less fermented resulting in fewer bubbles (about half) and a lower alcohol content, about 7%ABV.

Spumante wine is fully carbonated with around 9% ABV (or more).

Should I Buy Frizzante or Spumante Sparkling Wine?

 serve spumante
Spumante and frizzante sparkling wines are celebratory and delicious.

You’re at the store looking at an array of prosecco wine. Some say frizzante and some say spumante. What do you buy?

It depends on what you’re doing with it. A frizzante prosecco will have a very gentle bubble that is refreshing and easy to pair with light foods.

It has a calmer feel to it and the bubbles won’t fill you up.

Frizzante prosecco is lovely to sip while munching on light meals or even dinners featuring pasta, chicken, or seafood.

We love a glass of frizzante prosecco with fresh fruit and cream for a summer dessert.

Spumante prosecco is fully carbonated and carries a celebratory mood with it, similar to champagne.

It pairs well with brunch foods and light luncheon foods like deli meats and sliced cheese.

However, a spumante prosecco is more likely to fill you up.

It’s a little harder to indulge in a spumante prosecco if you’re not used to drinking carbonated beverages during dinner.

If you’re making cocktails with prosecco, we always recommend spumante.

The extra bubbles hold up well to mixing so you still get that bright, bubbly texture in your mixed drinks.

Wondering about when you should use prosecco in cocktails and which type you should choose? Get the details from an expert in the video below.

How To Serve Spumante or Frizzante Sparkling Wine

Both spumante and frizzante sparkling wines can be enjoyed by the glass. Consider both as champagne substitutes, with spumante being a more bubbly glass.

Pair either one with cold cut meats, fresh or ripened cheese, fresh fruit, vegetables, light meats, seafood, and pasta dishes with white sauce.

Both frizzante and spumante prosecco are delicious when served with brunch, luncheon, or afternoon tea foods and desserts.

Try using spumante with mixed drinks like breakfast Bellinis and see if it doesn’t start your day off right.

We suggest that you try a bottle of each and see which you prefer!

Does Frizzante Quickly Go Flat?

Yes, the small quantity of carbonation in frizzante makes it go flat quickly. It should be finished the same day it is opened.

If you want to ensure that your sparkling wine is good for a couple of days, be sure to buy a spumante sparkling wine.

Why Are Frizzante and Spumante Bottles Corked Differently?

champagne mushroom cork
Champagne and spumante prosecco bottles have a mushroom cork that seals the high carbon dioxide content in the bottle.

You’ll quickly notice the difference between the corks in these two bottles of wine.

Frizzante has a more normal-looking cork that’s reinforced with a bit of string and a wax seal.

This is because while there is a little more pressure in the bottle than still wine, it isn’t a lot.

Spumante has a mushroom cork and wire cage over it like champagne. This is because, like champagne, the pressure in the bottle is considerable.

It should be uncorked like champagne as well.

Final Thoughts

The debate between frizzante and spumante really boils down to personal preference and food pairing. Think of frizzante as the gentle cousin of rambunctious spumante.

Both are fun, but you can choose which level of bubbles and alcohol content you want based on what you’re eating and the type of drink you’d prefer.

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