Why Do Cigars Give You A Buzz? EXPLAINED

If you love a good cigar every now and then, you may have noticed that cigars can give you quite the buzz. But why is this?

In this blog post, we will explore the science behind “why do cigars give you a buzz”. We will also discuss some of the differences between cigar and cigarette buzzes and what you can expect when smoking them.

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Why Do Cigars Give You A Buzz?

Cigars give you a buzz because of the nicotine they contain. Nicotine is a stimulant, and it can cause your heart rate to increase and your blood pressure to rise.

Cigars aren’t smoked for a buzz though, but it’s common to experience one as cigars do contain large amounts of nicotine.

Here’s a video explaining a bit about cigars:

What’s The Difference Between Cigars And Cigarettes?


Cigars are made from tobacco leaves, while cigarettes are made from processed tobacco. Cigars also contain more nicotine than cigarettes.

In addition, cigars are usually smoked without a filter, and they are often smoked for a longer period than cigarettes.

Cigars also are usually savored differently by being stored in cigar coolers to maintain quality, plus they are smoked more for flavor and taste than the buzz or nicotine fix.

You also have to cut cigars with cigar cutters and can’t easily pull them out of a pack and smoke them. The complexity of cigars makes them a more high-end social smoke option.

Finally, cigars tend to be more expensive than cigarettes. One cigar can cost more than $20 for certain brands and types.


There are many differences between cigars and cigarettes that you might not know about.

A cigarette contains 8 to 12 milligrams of nicotine, whereas a cigar has 100 to 200 milligrams.

There is more tobacco in a cigar than there is in a cigarette, which makes for higher nicotine content.

One difference, however, is that cigars are meant to be appreciated and smoked slowly rather than inhaled to satisfy an addictive desire.

Nicotine activates the release of numerous neurotransmitters in the brain, including dopamine, which creates a feeling of happiness and pleasure. In other words, this calm condition is what makes a cigar “buzz.”

Factors That Affect How Much Of A Buzz You’ll Get From A Cigar

The Type Of Cigar You Smoke

Cigars can be broken down into two categories: light and heavy. The type of cigar you smoke will affect how much of a buzz you’ll get.

Light cigars, such as a white owl, deliver a lower buzz than heavier cigars, like a brickhouse. This is because the tobacco in a light cigar is lower in nicotine than in a heavy cigar.

How Much Nicotine Is In The Cigar

It’s common to smoke cigars that give you no buzz at all and just flavor. While it’s also common to get a significant buzz from other cigars.

Nicotine is a stimulant that causes the release of dopamine in the brain. This can result in feelings of pleasure and euphoria, as well as increased energy and heart rate.

The amount of nicotine in a cigar will affect how strong of a buzz you get from it. Cigars with more nicotine will be more potent and cause a stronger reaction.

How Long You Smoke The Cigar

The length of time that you smoke a cigar can affect how much of a buzz you’ll get. The longer you smoke it, the more of a buzz you’re likely to experience.

This is because the nicotine in the cigar will be absorbed into your system more quickly.

Your Overall Tolerance To Nicotine

Nicotine tolerance measures how much nicotine is required to achieve the desired effects.

A high nicotine tolerance means more nicotine is needed to achieve the desired effects, while a low nicotine tolerance means less nicotine is needed.

People who smoke only occasionally are more likely to get a buzz from smoking than those who smoke a cigar regularly because nicotine tolerance increases the more you expose yourself to it.

How Long Does A Buzz From A Cigar Last?

Buzz From A Cigar
Cigars are very flavorful and therefore can be enjoyed more than a cigarette can. Just remember smoking a cigar isn’t for a buzz.

Tobacco buzzes can vary from person to person based on the factors we went over above.

Ultimately, there are many things that can affect how you feel while or after smoking a cigar. On average, a cigar buzz can last between 2 and 4 hours.


Do Cigars Give You The Same buzz as cigarettes?

Cigars have tobacco and nicotine in them so technically it does give you the same buzz as cigarettes.

However, there is a high amount of nicotine in cigars so you may experience a more significant buzz depending on your tolerance levels.

Remember, cigars aren’t meant to be inhaled, but you’ll still absorb nicotine through your mouth.

Are You Supposed To get a buzz from cigars?

You’re not supposed to get a buzz from cigars. Cigars are meant to be smoked to enjoy the flavors and taste of it, not to get a buzz. However, larger or stronger cigars may give you a buzz.

The Bottom Line

Cigars can give you a buzz depending on their strength and also your tolerance level. However, cigars are meant to be smoked for the flavor and they should be savored, not inhaled.

Now you know more about cigars and their potential to give you a buzz.

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