How To Cut A Cigar Without A Cutter

Do you like to smoke cigars?

If so, you know it’s important to cut them properly before smoking. If you don’t cut them correctly, they can be difficult to smoke and can even ruin the taste.

In this blog post, we will teach you how to cut a cigar without a cutter.

We’ll show you a variety of different methods to use to cut your cigars in a situation where you don’t have a cutter.

Methods For How To Cut A Cigar Without A Cutter

How To Cut A Cigar Without A Cutter
Cutting your cigar may take some practice before you get the hang of it and that’s okay. Find a method that works for you.

There are many different methods to cut a cigar without a cutter. Ultimately, you just have to find something that resembles a cutter and can get through the wrapper barrier.

We’re going to go through some methods that are more common, then some other methods that you can use in a pinch.

So here are some methods we’ll go over:

  • Knife or another blade type of object
  • Fingernails
  • Golf Tee
  • Nails or screwdriver

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How To Cut A Cigar With A Knife

cigar in ashtray
Getting creative with how you cut a cigar is the fun part, but it also lets you know that you’ll always be able to enjoy a cigar no matter what tool you have.

Cutting a cigar with a knife or other blade is one of the easiest ways to cut your cigar without the use of a cigar cutter. Let’s look at the details of how to cut a cigar with a knife:

  1. To start, you want to get a knife or another type of sharp blade
  2. Take the blade to the head of the cigar and gently cut a circle around the top
  3. Once the circle is cut, then you can remove the piece of wrapper and a chunk of tobacco to give an open end in order to gain airflow when smoking it
  4. Discard the cigar tip and tobacco, then you’re able to smoke your cigar freely!

Tips For How To Cut A Cigar With A Knife Properly

Cigar with whiskey
Cutting a cigar with a knife or blade is next best to using a cigar cutter. However, there are a lot of different ways to cut a cigar.
  1. Always use a sharp knife– if your knife is dull, it will be more difficult to make a clean cut on the cigar.
  2. Be careful not to cut yourself– when working with a sharp knife; it’s always important not to cut yourself.
  3. Cut slowly and carefully- take your time when making the cuts, and be careful not to damage the cigar.
  4. Try different cutting techniques– there are many different ways to cut a cigar, so experiment until you find the best method.

Use A Pair Of Scissors To Snip Off The End Of The Cigar

Scissors are a great tool for cutting a cigar because it’s convenient and it’s easy to get it done in one single cut.

  • Grab a pair of scissors and line them up with the head of your cigar
  • Gently cut off the tip of your cigar, then take the wrapper and a chunk of tobacco off of the head
  • Discard of tobacco and wrapper that has been cut off. Light and enjoy!

Using A Nail or Screwdriver

This creative method uses the tool to poke the end of your cigar to make way for airflow.

  • Use a nail, screwdriver, or other smaller item to poke holes
  • Start by gently poking holes into the head end of your cigar
  • You should poke about 4-5 holes in, but be gentle as you don’t want to rip the wrapper
  • This will give you just enough airflow for a good cigar smoke session

Using Your Fingernails

If you find yourself in a pinch with literally no object to use in order to cut your cigar, then your fingernails can do the job better than you might think.

  1. Use your fingernail to gently press into the wrapper at the head of your cigar
  2. Use your fingernail to make a circle cut around the head of your cigar
  3. Pull off the wrapper piece and a small chunk of tobacco at the end
  4. Discard of tobacco and the wrapper piece. Then you’re all set!

Using A Golf Tee

Using a golf tee is basically the same concept as a nail or screwdriver as it’s used to poke holes in the cigar tip to allow air to flow.

  1. Find a golf tee. These are great as they are precise and sharp enough
  2. You can use the golf tee to cut a circle at the head of your cigar like you would a blade
  3. Or you can use it to poke 4-5 holes in the tip of your cigar in order to gain airflow similarly to how the screwdriver or nail would work
  4. No matter which method, a golf tee is an easy way to cut your cigar without a cutter

Here’s a video showing you a few ways you can cut a cigar:

FAQs About Cigar Cutting

How Do I Know If I’m Cutting The Cigar Correctly?

To ensure you are cutting the cigar correctly, you should hold the cigar in your non-dominant hand and use your dominant hand to cut the cigar.

The ideal place to cut the cigar is at the shoulder, where the wrapper meets the filler.

Make sure not to cut too much off, as this will cause the cigar to unravel. You can test whether you are cutting the cigar correctly by taking a small puff of smoke. If the smoke is harsh, you cut the cigar too deep.

What Happens If I Cut The Cigar Wrong?

If you mistake cutting the cigar, it may not be easy to smoke and may not taste as good. However, if you’re truly enjoying the cigar-smoking experience, then a little imperfection won’t matter.

What Is The Best Way To Cut A Cigar?

There is no one “best” way to cut a cigar. It’s a matter of personal preference. Experiment with different techniques until you find the method that works best for you.