What Is A Backwood Made Of? Complete Guide

A backwood is a type of cigar that is made out of whole tobacco leaves that have been rolled by hand. Backwoods cigars are known for their rustic appearance and strong flavor.

Backwoods were one of the first cigars to really pave the way for cigar smoking, so if you haven’t heard about them then you should consider trying one.

If you want to know more about backwoods and what they are made of then keep on reading!

What Is A Backwood Made Of?

Person rolling and shaping a cigar
Backwoods have become very popular over the years and we can completely understand why.

The tobacco leaves used to make backwoods and cigars are typically grown in countries like the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

The leaves are then sorted and selected by hand before being rolled into cigars. This process results in a cigar that has a more natural flavor than mass-produced cigars.

Backwoods cigars are often sold in packs of five or eight. They are typically sold in brick-and-mortar cigar shops as well as online retailers.

If you are looking for a strong and flavorful cigar, then a backwood is a good option. These cigars are made using traditional methods and offer a unique smoking experience.

Essentially backwoods are made from the same thing that any cigar would be made out of which is tobacco leaves. they are usually all-natural and quite difficult to find due to this aspect.

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History Of Backwoods

three cigars laying in an ashtray with a cigar cutter and wine glass
Although cigars weren’t always a “casual” thing, brands like Backwoods made them accessible and quite casual.

Backwoods have become a very popular casual smoking choice for many people over the years. Backwoods were developed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1981.

It’s meant to be marketed towards “manly men” and outdoorsmen. This is where the name “Backwoods” applies as well.

It featured a rugged roll with frayed ends making it seemingly imperfect. However, it’s a natural cigar that’s perfect for casual smoking.

However, despite the irregular look, it is and has been one of the most popular choices among cigar lovers.

What Does A Backwood Taste like?

A Backwood can have hints of many sweet and soft flavors. The actual cigars themselves come in a few different flavors such as Honey and Honey Berry.

The tobacco has a rich and mellow taste that pairs well with the flavors of the wrappers that you can purchase. You can expect Backwoods to have a soft taste and it will be easy to smoke.

Here’s a video going over everything you need to know about cigars:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smoking A Backwood

There are many differences between backwoods and other cigars, but either way they both will come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at some of the ones associated with backwoods:

Advantages of Smoking a Backwood

  • They are easy to smoke
  • They have a unique appearance
  • They are made of natural materials

Disadvantages of Smoking a Backwood

  • They can be difficult to find
  • They may be more expensive than other cigarettes
  • The paper can sometimes taste harsh

How Long Do Backwoods Last?

person smoking a large cigar with rings on their hand
Backwoods are used in the cigar world as an everyday smoke. Something that’s accessible and affordable.

Backwood cigars last about 6 weeks once you buy them.

It’s important that you keep them stored correctly in a humidor or some other storage solution, such as a cigar cooler to keep them safe and keep them in conditions to last you years.


Q: What Is The Stuff Inside A Backwood?

A: Backwoods are stuffed with tobacco. It’s then rolled in a flavored or unflavored wrapper to keep its cigar shape.

Q. Is Backwood A Brand?

Backwood is a brand that was established in 1981 and is now known for mass factory-producing cigars.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what backwood is made of, you can decide if this type of cigar is right for you.

If you enjoy strong flavors and appreciate the traditional methods of cigar production, then a backwood is definitely worth trying.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick up a pack of these unique cigars today!

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