Can You Smoke Chocolate Cigars? Ultimate Guide

Chocolate cigars are something that many may have never heard of, but if you’re looking for something sweet to give a cigar lover, then you’re in luck.

Let’s dive in and take a look at what exactly chocolate cigars are and if you’re able to smoke chocolate cigars. Keep reading to find out more!

What Are Chocolate Cigars? 

Can You Smoke Chocolate Cigars? Ultimate Guide
Chocolate cigars are a great gift for the holidays, anniversaries, or any other occasion if you have a cigar lover and a sweets lover all in one.

Chocolate cigars are exactly what they sound like. They are chocolate pieces that are shaped, wrapped, and packaged just like cigars would be.

You might be wondering what the purpose of these is or what you might want them for. Let’s take a look.

What Are Chocolate Cigars Used For?

Most of the time chocolate cigars are used for gifting purposes. Chocolate cigars can be a great gift for those that love cigars, or the look of them, but also enjoy a tasty sweet treat.

Many places also package cigars based on events such as a birthday, anniversaries, or gender reveal. These make for a great gift, party favor, or addition to a fun evening.

It’s safe to say that chocolate cigars are usually gifted to people and they make a great gift at that!

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Can You Smoke Chocolate Cigars?

Chocolate cigars are not at all like regular cigars. In fact, they have nothing at all in common with a regular cigar except for the packaging.

Ultimately, a chocolate cigar is simply just chocolate in the form of a cigar and packaged as a cigar.

With that being said, the answer is no you cannot smoke chocolate cigars. They are solely for eating, decoration, or gifting purposes.

There is no nicotine, tobacco, wrapper, or anything on these cigars that can prompt a smoke break.

Here is a close-up look at a chocolate cigar:

What Does Chocolate Cigar Taste Like?

Chocolate cigars can be purchased mainly online at retailers. Make sure you’re purchasing the correct thing.

Chocolate cigars can be delicate in their taste. Depending on where you buy them from they can have different flavor profiles such as caramel, cinnamon, or even fruity flavors.

Typically you can get a good description of the flavor profile when purchasing chocolate cigars online.

However, if you love chocolate then you’re sure to like any of the chocolate cigars that you choose.

What About Chocolate Infused Cigars?

Chocolate-infused or flavored cigars are completely different from regular chocolate cigars.

These types of cigars are infused with the flavor of chocolate so that when you are smoking it, you get that flavor as well.

Chocolate-flavored cigars have become popular as people start branching out to try different flavors of cigars.

These aren’t to be confused with chocolate cigars, as chocolate-infused or flavored cigars are able to be smoked.

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Chocolate-Infused Cigars VS Chocolate Cigars

cigar smoking
Both types of cigars are extremely popular, but they are quite different so it’s important to know what you’re getting.

There are some main differences between these two items and we want to make sure that you are buying exactly what you want.

Here are a few differences and key takeaways from each type of these so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Chocolate Infused Cigars

  • Real cigars that are flavored like chocolate
  • They’re able to be smoked
  • They have tobacco in them
  • They are real cigars that are simply flavored or infused with chocolate to give them that flavor profile

Chocolate Cigars

  • Chocolate candy in the shape and packaged as cigars
  • Cannot be smoked at all
  • Does not contain tobacco, the wrapper, or nicotine
  • Typically given as gifts or for special occasions
  • They are solely for consumption


What are chocolate cigars made of?

Chocolate cigars that are meant for eating are made of quality chocolate.

Depending on where you buy them from it can be dark chocolate, white chocolate, or milk chocolate, and they can have other flavors such as cinnamon in them as well.

What’s the difference between chocolate cigars and chocolate-infused cigars?

The main difference between these two is that chocolate-infused cigars are used for smoking, while chocolate cigars are meant to be eaten.

What Cigar Has A Chocolate Flavor?

There are many different types of cigars that have chocolate notes or flavors within them. Some of them include Cohiba Black or CAO Flavours cigars.


Overall, you cannot smoke chocolate cigars unless they are chocolate-infused or flavored cigars.

Chocolate cigars are not made with real tobacco and instead are made of chocolate, which makes them edible, not smokable.

Knowing the difference can help you determine what you’re buying. So be sure to keep these chocolate cigars in mind when you’re looking to gift a friend something unique.